Save-n-Aisle Storage Systems on GSA & TXMAS Contracts for Government Agencies

Reduce the Building Footprint of Your Government Agencysave-n-aisle storage systems high capacity system

Due to budget and space constraints, government agencies are looking to reduce their building footprint. The idea is to stop expanding and start saving by co-locating and consolidating stored items. This will allow you to build or lease less space to lower real estate costs. One area that is often overlooked is your storage space. With save-n-aisle storage systems, it’s easy to transform your storage area into an organized, easily accessible space that will reduce the overall footprint of your government agency.

rolling double depth system save-n-aisle storage systemHow Do Save-n-Aisle Storage Systems Work?

What does save-n-aisle mean exactly? Instead of having an aisle in between every row of shelving, you can “save an aisle” by removing these unnecessary access aisles. There are a few different types of save-n-aisle storage systems: a high capacity system, a rolling double depth system, and a pull-out system.

The high capacity system works by placing shelves onto carriages that are mounted onto tracks attached to the floor. The shelves move on the tracks to compact together. When you need to access stored items, you simply push a button or turn a handle and the system opens up an aisle. This system will also work with all kinds of cabinets and racks.

The rolling double depth system works with two rows of shelving, one in front of the other. The front shelving sections roll back and forth on floor tracks to allow access to items stored in the stationary back row. This system works with both shelves and cabinets, including your existing ones.pull-out system save an aisle storage

With the pull-out system, shelves slide in and out, making access aisles unnecessary. The natural egress aisle in front of the cabinet is used as an access aisle so that the system can fit in tight spaces, between wall columns, in alcoves, and more.

Contact Us for Save-n-Aisle Storage Systems GSA TXMAS

Reducing your building footprint isn’t the easiest thing for government agencies to do, but with the “save an aisle” concept you can make a big difference. All of our save-n-aisle storage systems are available on GSA and TXMAS contracts. Contact us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, and we will put you in touch with the specialist in your area.


What Kind of Modular Walls Should Your Company Choose?

glass front modular wallsModular walls have many different names. But aren’t they all the same thing? Nope, there are actually 3 different types: demountable, movable and glass front. So what kind of modular wall should your company choose? Really, it depends on what you’re looking to get out of them. We can help you figure that out. Here is a short breakdown of each type of modular wall.

Drywall: The Opposite of Modular Walls

Before we get started on modular walls, it would be helpful to get a refresher on drywall because it’s the most common type of wall. Drywall is

  • constructed on-site of gypsum board by a licensed general contractor
  • has a lower first-cost
  • offers no flexibility to move once constructed
  • no re-use means higher waste/landfill fees

Alright, now that you know why you want a modular wall, let’s take a look at what makes each type different and what they have to offer your company.

Demountable Walls

Demountable walls are similar to drywall in that everything is still constructed on-site, almost like the IKEA furniture of walls. But demountable walls

  • give you improved design choices and aesthetics
  • offer the ability to customize and change the work environment
  • have pieces “clipped” into place that can be switched at any time

If you aren’t looking to move the entire wall, but just want to make frequent aesthetic changes, demountable walls are perfect.

Movable Walls

Movable walls are built completely off-site at the manufacturer’s facility. This means you get

  • better quality control and a more uniform product
  • quick on-site installation by a factory-trained team
  • very few parts: ceiling/floor channels, wall panels/doors, trim/finishing pieces and data components
  • an extremely easy wall to relocate

If your company needs the flexibility to quickly divide and create space, movable walls will be the best option.

Glass Front Walls

Glass front walls are something in-between demountable and movable walls. They are

  • specified without vertical posts
  • constructed with butt-glazing techniques to eliminate visual breaks
  • the best solution for getting day-lighting into a space
  • not as easy to move or relocate

If your company wants to create an open space while still maintaining some privacy, glass front walls will be the right solution.

Get More Info About Modular Walls

This is just a quick run-down of each type of modular wall. And no matter which wall your company chooses – demountable, movable, or glass front – you will still have a wall that is more flexible and more sustainable than drywall.



Bicycle Storage Solutions for New York City Buildings

Since 2009, the majority of new buildings in New York City have been required to provide some kind of storage for bicycles. We offer a variety of bicycle storage solutions that are designed to efficiently store bikes in both commercial and residential buildings.

Wall-Mounted and Ceiling-Mounted Bike Storagewall-mounted bike storage units for office and residential New York City Buildings

Our wall-mounted bike storage unit is designed to lift bikes up off the floor and store them up overhead. The unit is attached to the wall, above any shelving or items (this space is typically unused because it’s almost impossible to reach without a ladder). The bikes are hooked onto the unit and raised up overhead; then, the unit tilts down to deliver the bike for retrieval. It’s that simple. The wall mounted bike storage unit is great for office buildings and residential buildings that need to provide bicycle storage on a smaller scale.

Ceiling-Mounted Bicycle Storage System for New York City Warehouses and BasementsFor larger scale bicycle storage, there is a ceiling-mounted bike storage system. The concept is the same that bikes are secured onto a rail and then lifted up overhead. This system uses the typically neglected ceiling space as storage space. (Click here to read more about this innovative bicycle storage solution). Storing bikes with either the wall-mounted unit or ceiling-mounted system keeps them up and off the floor, maximizes your existing space, and keeps bikes safe from getting dinged or scratched.

Additional Bicycle Storage Solutions

Bike Storage Racks for New York City Commercial and Residential BuildingsAnother option we have is bike storage racks. The bike storage racks are designed to store bicycles in less floor space while making sure they are easily accessible. This solution works for both commercial businesses and residential buildings. (Learn more about the bike storage racks here).

One more option we have for commercial office building is outdoor bicycle lockers. These lockers will protect bikes from the elements, vandalism and theft. They are made of stainless steel to ensure durability. (Find out more about outdoor bicycle lockers here).

Contact Us for More Bicycle Storage Solutions

If you have a building in New York City and need a solution for storing bicycles, we can help. Southwest Solutions Group has been providing businesses with innovative and unique storage systems since 1969. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with a representative today.


Southwest Solutions Group Opens New Northwest Offices

SSG Welcomes Jim Deller to the Team!Jim Deller SSG Storage Solutions Specialist

Southwest Solutions Group (SSG) is excited to announce the opening of 2 new offices to serve Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska with innovative storage and filing solutions, including the full line of Spacesaver® products. Jim Deller will head the Seattle office and handle the Alaska territory as well. With over 30 years of experience, he brings valuable knowledge and insight to the SSG team.

Jim’s experience with the healthcare market comes at a great time when SSG is expanding its offerings to include more solutions focused on preventing hospital acquired infections. In fact, here is what one of Jim’s recent clients had to say about him,

“Jim has consistently provided excellent consulting services and storage solutions for my projects. I would recommend Jim’s unique expertise to any organization with space challenges.”

In addition to focusing on healthcare, Jim will now serve all types of businesses and organizations including government, museum, material handling, public safety, military, education and more throughout Washington and Alaska.

“The expansion into the northwest and the addition of Jim Deller to the team provides an excellent opportunity to serve new clients with our space saving, productivity enhancing storage and filing solutions,” stated Ray Streight, President at Southwest Solutions Group.

Welcome to the team, Jim! SSG is thrilled to have you on board!

To find out more about Jim, visit his LinkedIn profile. To contact him for more information about SSG’s Seattle and northwest product offerings or about starting a project, send him an email.

About Southwest Solutions Group®

Southwest Solutions Group Logo

Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group has been dedicated to offering comprehensive and personalized solutions to customers that meet their specific organizational storage challenges. SSG’s solutions are available to all types of commercial businesses. SSG is a full service company that provides best of class equipment, professional design, certified installation, and ongoing service. For additional information visit


We’ve Moved! San Antonio Office Has New Address

Southwest Solutions Group’s San Antonio Office Has Moved to a New LocationSouthwest Solutions Group New San Antonio Office

Our San Antonio office has moved to a bigger and better location. The new address is 15002 Tradesman San Antonio, TX 78249. But don’t worry because we will still be providing both new and existing clients with the same great service. In fact, with more space we hope to be even better than before – so come visit us!

Our knowledgeable representatives work with all types of commercial and industrial businesses including government, museum, healthcare, legal, education, manufacturing, and distribution facilities to maximize floor space, reduce operating costs, and increase productivity.

Equipment & Services Offered By Southwest Solutions Group in San Antonio

Are you curious what equipment and services we offer? Here is a quick rundown of what you can find from us!Modular Casework Design Services in San Antonio

  • High Density Storage Shelving: This compact storage option stores files and other items in about one-third the space as traditional file cabinets.
  • Modular Casework: Flexible casework cabinets are easy to reconfigure and relocate, saving replacement costs and our landfills.
  • Sliding File Cabinets: By attaching your existing file cabinets to bi-file or tri-file tracks, you have an inexpensive filing storage solution that lets you store more files in less space.
  • Compact Pallet Racks: These motorized pallet racks on tracks allow you to condense your warehouse storage area in half the floor space.
  • Vertical Lift Modules: With automated storage you maximize space, improve productivity and increase picking accuracy.Vertical Lifts Installed in San Antonio
  • Mezzanines: Freestanding and structural mezzanines extend your storage area vertically to create extra usable space.
  • Document Scanning: Create a paperless office by converting all your paper files to digital documents.
  • RFID File & Asset Tracking: Use RFID technology to track both files and assets so you never lose anything important again.

Contact Us Today for Help in San Antonio

Southwest Solutions Group’s San Antonio office has been helping businesses with storage and filing solutions since 1969. Our products and services are available on the TXMAS Contracts, GSA Federal Contracts, SYSTEC Small Business GSA Contract, NJPA Purchasing Agreement, and numerous Healthcare Purchasing Contracts.

Stop by our new location at 15002 Tradesman San Antonio, TX 78249 or give us a call today (210) 558-6988 to discuss your storage and filing requirements!

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