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Optimize Your Warehouse: Top 4 Must-Have Storage Solutions

Knowing how fast the world of industrial operations move, its only fitting that every square inch of your warehouse is used to its maximum potential. Coming up with solutions for ways to properly use your space can be challenging. That’s why Southwest Solutions Group (SSG) is here to help you learn about some of our warehouse space solutions that will help bring your facility to the next level.   

With customizable solutions that fit into your warehouse workflow, you are guaranteed to see optimized space usage and improved productivity. Solutions like our mezzanines, vertical storage carousels, automated vending machines, and industrial shelving can help you find something that will fit your company’s needs and drive efficiency.  

Each solution is specifically designed to help maximize storage space, improve operations, and save money. Traditional renovations can be costly and time-consuming. With these innovative solutions, you can see results quickly without breaking the bank. If your business is looking to optimize space, reduce costs, and help operations run smoothly, our products are the perfect fit for your companies’ unique needs.  

Solution 1: Implementing a Mezzanine


Mezzanines are platforms or freestanding structures that help you double your floor space by optimizing the otherwise unused overhead space. These structures add another level without making your company go through the hassle of renovations. Mezzanines also have a 7-year tax depreciation rather than the typical 39-year depreciation you would have from those renovations. These structures are easily relocated, removed, or added to, giving your business the option to change things around when necessary.  

There are different types of mezzanines we offer here at SSG. The first one is a structural mezzanine. These are the most common styles. The bottom of this structure is supported by columns and leaves open space underneath that can be filled in various ways.  

The second type of mezzanine we offer is the catwalk. This style is supported by shelving systems, which help create overhead space you can use for storing products instead of only using floor space. This mezzanine has pathways for people to walk through and retrieve items from the structure.  

The last type is the deck over shelving, also known as the shelving-supported mezzanine. This is a hybrid of the two mentioned above. Shelves hold the structure from the bottom, while the top has room for open storage.  

Any of the mezzanines mentioned above can be customized to fit your exact needs. You can customize the framing, flooring, and add on safety measures such as stairs, gates and railings, lights and sprinklers. Personalizing your mezzanine helps your business meet OSHA rules and regulations. Implementing this solution in your warehouse can help add more room for storage, create extra production areas, more office space, and conveyor support. Once your mezzanines are installed, we are here to help you find ways to integrate your workflows. 

Solution 2: Replace Static Shelving with a Vertical Storage Carousel

Next, we will be talking about vertical storage carousels. This high-density storage solution is perfect for helping you retrieve various items and inventory. The carousel works on a vertical axis and stores items in a rotating fashion, minimizing the footprint typically needed for storage.  

These carousels have the capacity to store long or bulky items. Including products like wire, vinyl, tires, carpet, and garments. The customizations aren’t confined to the types of products stored on them. You can also customize your carousel's size to fit your warehouse inventory, ensuring your company’s warehouse vertical space is used effectively. 

As mentioned above, there are many different uses for the vertical carousal sold here at SSG. Each allows for an easy loading and unloading experience as well as making it easy for a single operator. While you will be saving space you also will be saving time.

There will be less handling which will lead to less damage as well as helping prevent injuries from having to get heavy supplies from high up.

This carousel will bring these items down to the operator for retrieval. Vertical storage carousels offer various efficient solutions for maximizing your storage space while also helping ease access and retrieval of items. 

Solution 3: Upgrade Part Management with Automated Vending Machines

The third storage solution we recommend is our automated vending machines. This machine holds small yet essential items. Offering controlled access to supplies while also reducing theft and loss, ensures that your workforce has what it needs and is always protected. Implementing a solution like this won’t only save space but can help streamline inventory management, cut down costs, and increase operational efficiency.  

When using inventory and tool vending machines, your staff can have 24/7 access to inventory. The machines leverage technology, such as controlled access, inventory levels and automatic dispensing to make your workflows more efficient. This user-friendly machine is easy to navigate. Staff simply sign in on the touch screen at the front of the machine, and select the tool, equipment or product they need. The vending machine will deliver the item through the dispensing window and log the user and item dispensed. This results in better inventory management and assists in reducing spending by up to 50%. 

Solution 4: Leverage Industrial Shelving

The backbone of many warehouses is industrial shelving. The right shelving can reduce the amount of floor space being used for storage and optimize workflows. We offer carton flow racks, heavy-duty storage racks, industrial drawer shelving, pallet rack bins, and sheet metal racks.  

Regardless of the shelving solution, staff can quickly retrieve items stored on them.  All our solutions can be customized to meet your company’s needs and specific requirements.  Businesses that have implemented our solutions have achieved 38% storage space savings while others have achieved as much as 90% space savings.   

Here at SSG, we offer shelving for all your storage needs. When properly utilized, you can convert wasted aisle space into revenue-generating activity space without cutting back on your inventory. The right shelving not only helps create more space but also leads to a more productive work environment.  

Why These Solutions?

Maximizing your warehouse’s space and operational efficiency is not just an advantage - it’s essential. Implementing the above solutions can help your warehouse operations work at peak efficiency. These solutions help you utilize space that would otherwise be wasted due to outdated storage. In today’s fast-moving world, wasted space is not an option. Ready to bring your warehouse operations to the next level? Call to talk to one of our team members at 800-803-1083.

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