Take Advantage of Section 179 Tax Deductions for Business Equipment

Don’t Miss Out on Savings

section 179 tax deductionsNovember is a great month to take advantage of the Section 179 tax deductions in 2016. Instead of depreciation, these tax deductions allow businesses to write off entire equipment purchase prices for the year they buy it. To qualify for Section 179, you must act before December 31st, 2016!

The language used in Section 179 may seem intimidating, but it’s not. This incentive of the IRS code was designed to assist small businesses with tax relief. It’s different from Bonus Depreciation; while Bonus Depreciation doesn’t occur every year and only covers new equipment, both new and used equipment qualify for Section 179. There are limits, however—it caps the total amount written off to $500,000 for 2016 and limits the total amount of equipment purchased ($2,000,000 in 2016). This also makes it perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

Equipment Valid for Section 179

Section 179 is valid on most types of equipment, so if you use it for your business, then it probably qualifies. Some of our qualifying equipment for this year include:

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Creative School Storage Ideas for Classroom & Supply Organization

creative-classroom-storage-ideasSchools often have limited space and little funding to expand their classrooms, which are only getting smaller as the number of students increases. Education professionals, then, need to make the most of the space they already have. Here are a few storage ideas you can use to save space and improve the look and organization of your school classroom, supply room, or science lab.

Classroom Mobile Shelving

For general supply shelving such as textbooks, art supplies, athletic gear, library books, sheet music, and more, mobile shelving is the perfect solution. Classrooms, textbook rooms, and other storage areas in schools are often filled to capacity, but you can easily reduce the amount of floor space you use by getting rid of aisles between rows of shelving. This way, you can use only the space you need, when you need it.

Click here to learn more about mobile shelving for classrooms.

Classroom & Science Lab Modular Casework

classroom-school-storage-ideasWhen it comes to classroom furniture, schools need affordable and functional solutions. Casework provides a solid solution and a fast return on investment that guarantees years of use. Since educational environments are always changing, you can also relocate or reconfigure the casework at any time. This is due to its modular components, which allow hassle-free installation that requires no building modifications. With a variety of finishes and configurations you can design yourself, modular casework is perfect for science labs, computer and technology labs, music rooms, libraries, staff areas, art rooms, and much more.

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Smart Lockers

Handling mail for university students on campus takes up a significant amount of time and resources. Between classes, holiday rushes, and limited storage space, there are many opportunities for packages to get misplaced, damaged, or stolen. Smart lockers provide a convenient way for students to retrieve their mail at any time and without time-consuming manual management. When a package is delivered, the system notifies the student via text or email for them to pick up at any time of day or night. Meanwhile, the delivery is securely stored in its own locker that can only be accessed by the student.

Click here to see smart lockers in action.

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High Bay Library Storage Increases University Book & Journal Capacity

High Bay Shelves for Library Storage

high bay library storagePreservation is one of the main goals of archival buildings for library storage. To ensure the longest lifespan possible of stored materials, this space has to be stringently maintained with regard to temperature, humidity, and general environmental factors. However, this space is expensive to maintain and becomes quickly cluttered with materials that staff has difficulty accessing. Steve Story, project manager at Southwest Solutions Group® recommended a unique alternative storage solution to this very problem in the form of a high bay archival system.

Saving Space & Increasing Access

The university library used the annex for their archival storage of books and journals, which was an old building that lacked space. They were also running out of room in the main library space. When students requested an item, it could take days to retrieve.

High bay archival shelving is based off the same systems often seen in industrial warehouses. With shelving that can reach 30 feet high, it utilizes a facility’s vertical air space instead of floor space. In this manner, the concept is very similar to high density shelving on a larger scale with additional considerations made toward preservation of materials. The high density structure allows a high volume-to-area ratio, which means more items are stored in less space—which directly translates to less construction and operational costs. High bay shelving also features insulation, vapor retardance, and a tight structure to prevent air loss, and can be integrated with HVAC and fire suppression systems.

Automation is Secure & Easy to Use

library high bay systemAnd this still hasn’t mentioned the benefits of an automated system. Materials can be stored and organized for easy and fast retrieval. When not in use, the high bay aisles are compacted together to take up half the space of traditional racks and shelves. When a staff member needs an item, they simply push a button on the desired aisle and it will open by itself. Despite their height, the systems are easy and intuitive for anyone to use.

Library staff also needed to be able to quickly find the materials they needed quickly and without sacrificing security. Since the library is not open to the public, all materials are scanned by barcode and need to be accounted for at all times. On the high bay shelves, materials are stored by size on book trays. Each book is barcoded to the specific storage tray, and the tray is then barcoded to the location within the shelving.

Both staff and students are very excited for the new high bay shelving. It’s also allowed them to free up space in the main library for student work centers, computer stations, and lounging areas. When a student requests a book or article, it’s easy for staff to retrieve and pass it off to the student on the same day. Currently, there are 240,000 books and journals loaded into the system and will house 1.5 million items. Even with this huge amount of storage, they have saved so much space that they will eventually eliminate the old annex.

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Compact Cold Storage for Long-Term Museum Preservation

high density museum storageKeeping consistent cold temperatures is essential for long-term preservation of film-based photographic materials and other items that deteriorate quickly under sub-optimal conditions. But freezer space is expensive to maintain and requires a great deal of energy. We suggest installing high density shelving to use as your compact cold storage solution, which will help you both save space and preserve all of your collections properly. Read on to find out how.

Benefits of a Compact Museum Storage Solution

Cold storage significantly improves the life of paper, film-based materials, video tape, and organic materials such as animal feathers and skins. There are two types of cold storage: humidity-controlled cold vaults and packaged materials in freezers. Artifacts are easier to access quickly in the first option, but is often more expensive. Freezers are less expensive but require more time to warm up and access. In many cases, convenience and accessibility are sacrificed for complex, expensive systems that lead to an overall decrease in longevity. With all of these factors in place, it’s difficult to also consider costs, best use of space, and organization.

Many museums and other applications across various industries are implementing high density storage because of the wide array of benefits it offers. A few examples include:

Reduce travel time and manual handling

Compact cold storage and a more efficient layout allow items to be highly accessible and visible without sacrificing proper storage methods. This makes it faster and easier for staff to retrieve what they need, and reduces manual handling of items since everything is visible and organized.

museum compact cold storage benefitsAvoid new construction

Storage space is limited, especially in cold storage areas. Compact cold storage can double your storage capacity in the same space or allow you to move to a smaller space without costly new construction projects that take time and cause disruptions.

Create more space

With more space available, you can have room to add other features or storage systems to your cold storage.

Reduce energy costs

By improving efficiency and using less space, the densely-packed compact storage uses less energy to power your cooler or freezer area.

Improve safety & morale

High density storage is included with a variety of safety features to protect both users and stored items. A safer storage system with items that are easy to find and retrieve leads to a happier staff.

Ensure long-term preservation of materials

Museums have to constantly make sure that their collections are preserved and stored properly. Compact cold storage ensures preservation without you even having to think about it.

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VLMs Upgrade Combat & Tactical Equipment Storage

vertical lift modules storing tactical equipmentWith an increasing number of materials, a supplier and rebuilder of combat and tactical equipment for the U.S. Army also wanted to combat their lack of space. In addition to space, they also wanted to be able to ensure the safety and ergonomics of their workers. The ultimate goal was to make employees’ jobs more enjoyable by eliminating many of the pains associated with their old shelving.

Jason Madore, a representative at Southwest Solutions Group, worked together with the supplier to design and plan a new storage system that would meet all of their needs. Read on to learn about how the VLMs were able to upgrade their storage and save space in their warehouse.

Before the VLMs

Materials and parts were placed on static pallet racking and custom-made pallet boxes where all storage and kitting occurred. Staff picked everything by hand. They traveled to locations in the warehouse via guided vehicles that no longer functioned. Their materials were also spread out over multiple warehouses. This caused delays and required extra resources and manpower to send or retrieve items from another warehouse.

The warehouse wanted to be able to save enough space to consolidate all of their storage into one. They also wanted a solution that would assist with picking and putting processes, managing inventory, and fulfilling orders. Any software solution also needed to be integrated into their existing LMP, a customized SAP system. With their static storage, it took about 48 hours to reset lines, pull parts, and pick new parts. Their goal was to complete 40 orders a day in one shift with 5-10 lines per order.

The Solution

The desire for compact storage, security, inventory management, and (most importantly) employee safety helped them decide on a solution. To meet all of their goals, they decided to install four nearly 30′ tall vertical lift modules (VLMs) in the warehouse.

VLMs combat equipment storageThe VLMs provide automated storage and retrieval on a grand scale in the building. It stores a huge amount of items, from small to medium parts. This includes anything from consumables, nuts, bolts, wire harnesses, and screws to heavy and bulky hardware. With the VLMs implemented, the warehouse experienced a 60% increase in floor space. Instead of storage, the area is used for more productive operations. With the ease of picking operations in the VLM and the extra warehouse space, employees are much more efficient and able to retrieve, construct, and ship more equipment faster. Because the supplier decided to consolidate their materials, they also didn’t need to spend time and resources transferring items between warehouses.

The picking and order fulfillment software installed with the VLM integrated seamlessly into their existing LMP. This allowed them to continue operations without any downtime while the system automatically tracked inventory and assigned storage locations.


The staff is extremely pleased with the system and SSG’s installation team, who concluded the project one month ahead of schedule.

The new VLMs secure all of their small to large parts in one machine instead of having needed parts in different locations across the floor, which took extra time to retrieve. The automated shutter door keeps supplies secured while not in use, which prevents pilfering or theft. It also provides additional protection from dust, dirt, or water that can damage contents.

They are now able to use their space to its full advantage and reach all of their production and shipment goals. The VLMs work so well, in fact, that the supplier plans to fill the entire room with over 30 machines.

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Vertical Carousel Organizes Dental Implants & Medical Devices

medical device storageA manufacturer of dental implants and other medical devices was quickly growing in size and orders. This also meant that their small space was also quickly running out of room. With more than 100 employees, they were ready to expand their storage with their business. But how would they continue to grow their company with so little space? Rich Reimer at Southwest Solutions Group worked with this manufacturer to find a solution that would work specifically for them: a vertical carousel, perfect for storing and organizing dental implants and medical devices in far less space.

Vertical Carousel Provides A Space-Saving Solution

Rich saw that one thing in particular would help the manufacturer immediately overcome their space constraints and improve productivity and throughput at the same time. He suggested a highly efficient vertical carousel, which are ideal for storing medical devices and finished goods. With a compact design, the shelves or drawers within the carousels rotate up or down via the shortest path and automatically deliver stored items to the operator at an ergonomically-placed work station. Since the vertical carousel is so easy to use, employees spend less time searching for products stored on wire shelving. The operator simply pushes a button to rotate the carousel to bring items to him or her instead.

Within the fourteen foot tall, eight foot deep vertical carousel, staff was able to store the same amount of numerous wire shelving units in a fraction of the space. By installing just one carousel, they were able to reduce the amount of floor space used for wire shelving from half to 20%. Now that space is used for shipping stations on both sides of the carousel (pictured) to provide an ergonomic right-to-left flow during product processing and picking. Since they need to quickly prepare orders for shipping, they’ve also been able to save a lot of time by having everything they need in one area.

With still more space available, employees who didn’t have one before were given workstations to add another level of productivity gains and employee comfort. They plan on adding another carousel in the near future in order to transfer more of their wire shelving storage and continue growing and streamlining their processes more efficiently.

vertical carousel storing dental implants

Improved Storage Conditions & Compliance

As with all medical device manufacturers, the company must also comply with record-keeping and quality control processes as mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It ensures that damaged, contaminated, obsolete, or otherwise inadequate products are not distributed. When combined with warehouse management software, the vertical carousels also provide picking solutions and electronic documentation for stock rotation. This prevents expired devices from being shipped and distributed, while picking validation is set up to ensure accuracy. Electronic tracking also reduces or eliminates the need to store paper files. Paper easily takes up space and can get lost, damaged, or misplaced.

Another disadvantage of traditional static shelving is how easily dust accumulates on stored products. In some applications, dust accumulation may not be a concern. However, it was of great importance to the staff that their products were always in the best condition for their customers. Shutter doors enclose items within the carousel, protecting them from dust and other environmental factors that cause deterioration or are unsightly. No one wants to receive an order covered in dust or warehouse debris. Additionally, vertical carousels are equipped for storage applications that require environmental control, such as coolers or freezers.

The staff is extremely happy with their solution and has filled the carousel with over a dozen overflow racks. Now it’s a much simpler process to pick, sort, organize, and package items. With the additional space extra work stations for employees, they are able to quickly respond to and satisfy customer needs.

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Installation Technician Needed in Kansas City

SSG is continuing to grow, and we are currently accepting applications for an installation technician position in the Kansas City area. If you are a highly motivated, knowledgeable individual who wants to work with other skilled professionals and clients, please apply today!

Installation Technician Overview

We are looking for a talented, methodical, and self-motivated installation and service technician for automated storage system, modular casework furniture, and other business storage optimization products with an eye for customer service and critical thinking. This person must be able to organize, execute, and utilize independent problem-solving skills to meet customer needs and product service requirements.

Installation Technician Responsibilities

Responsibilities include working closely with customers and other technicians to develop plans and install, move, service, and repair company projects within budget and time frame. Includes utilizing critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address and solve customer concerns and installation issues and maintaining rapport with customers by investigating complains, identifying solutions, and identifying and implementing improved methods and techniques.


Installation and service technicians require a high degree of basic math, problem solving, attention to detail, punctuality, logic, communication, and customer service skills. Applicant must be able to stand, walk, reach, lift, etc., be exposed to open air weather conditions, and withstand loud noise levels frequently. Must have a Driver’s License and transportation.

Experience & Education

High school diploma, GED, or one to three months related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of experience and education.

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Adjustable Pharmaceutical Bin Shelving Saves Space on Hospital Campuses

pharmaceutical shelves with workspacesIn hospitals, time is of the essence more than ever. Patients need their medicine, and nurses need their supplies so they can do their job right—and fast. That’s why two hospital campuses, both belonging to the largest non-profit healthcare provider in the Seattle area, contacted our healthcare storage specialist, Jim Deller. Knowing that an efficient storage solution would not only save time but save lives, Jim recommended an adjustable pharmaceutical shelving system as well as wire mobile shelving for supply storage in both applications. Read on to find out how these solutions improved every aspect of the hospital’s storage.

Pharmacy Shelves with Integrated Work Surfaces

The first campus was previously using a high density mobile system for their inpatient pharmacy that was too confining for their needs. In this high-traffic area, staff found that they had to move the units too often and couldn’t stay in the aisles for very long. Overall, for the type of storage they needed, it was not conducive to productivity. The staff was also having a hard time moving around and finding what they needed since the room was quite cramped. Retrieving supplies was a burdensome task for everyone.

First, the adjustable bin shelving system was installed for storing pharmaceuticals. It was imperative that these prescriptions were easy for pharmacists to retrieve for patients and not take up very much space. Staff also needed enough room to be able to sort, process, and distribute the pharmaceuticals on tables.

However, it turned out that there was no need to make extra room for the tables. Instead, work surfaces could be integrated right into the shelving itself. Now staff can simply take the bins they need off the shelves and sort them on the work surfaces. This not only saves space but reduces travel time from shelving to work spaces. Little efficiencies like this go a long way towards saving time, especially in a busy hospital. There was even enough room to include a mobile wire shelving system for storing IVs and other supplies, allowing them to consolidate everything they needed into one area.

Consolidating Storage From Two Rooms to One

adjustable pharmaceutical shelvingAt another campus, staff was facing a similar problem. Their storage consisted of one wire rack with everything else stored across the hall in another room. This meant they had to spend more time traveling to retrieve what they needed. Staff also had to lock and unlock the rooms multiple times during the course of the day, which wasted time. The rooms also had little space with wood shelves and casework that were not adjustable and provided no flexibility. People were literally bumping into each other when trying to navigate through the narrow aisles.

The staff also wanted a storage solution that would store everything in one room and provide enough space for them to move around comfortably. The staff wanted to be able to adjust their storage as their needs changed over the years. Adjustable pharmaceutical shelving was able to solve every space and flexibility concern.

Overcoming Building Obstructions

Another challenge was that the storage room included many columns in the space. The shelves would have to fit around these obstructions efficiently.

The adjustable pharmaceutical shelving offers a great amount of flexibility that can be moved up, down, angled, or straight. Staff members can quickly adjust the shelves anytime. For future needs, it’s easy to include new features later on. The shelves also saved a huge amount of space (despite the presence of multiple columns throughout the room) because they can be mounted against the wall.In-Patient Pharmacy Storage

The pharmacy even had some leftover space available. A mobile wire shelving system stores IV and bulk supplies in the same room as pharmaceuticals. This allowed them to reduce their storage from two different rooms to one. This means less time spent traveling from one room to another, supplies that are easier to find and access, and better security since staff only need to worry about keeping one room locked and secured. The clear bins also offer enhanced visibility of stored pharmaceuticals. This further decreases the time it takes for staff to find what they need.

Both campuses very much enjoy their new storage for pharmaceuticals and hospital supplies. It’s now easier than ever for staff to find and retrieve supplies, take inventory, ensure security, and get what patients need faster. This has overall translated to a more positive work environment, where staff has gone from stressed to smiling. Now they can get back to serving patients instead of worrying about where everything is.

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How 24/7 Package Delivery Lockers Attract More Lessees

Delivery tracking, managing, and receiving woes? 24/7 package delivery lockers are the new, innovative solution that allows building managers, landlords, lessees, and others focus more on what matters rather than manually managing incoming packages and parcels, and prevents recipients from constantly having to check up on the office to see if their package has arrived yet.

Businesses, apartments, and other buildings are developing more and more pain related to package delivery and distribution. What previously took just a few minutes a day can now take hours due to the sheer amount of people shopping online, with nearly 20% doing so at least once or twice a week.  The packages clog up concierge desks and leasing offices, keeping people from the tasks they need to complete. Additionally, there is no way to track if a package gets misplaced in the process, leading to unhappy recipients—and deliveries are only expected to increase over the next few years.

What Package Delivery Lockers Can Do

Package delivery lockers relieve all the pain of having to manage packages. What does your office look like now? Are recipients constantly coming in and out, asking about the state of their delivery? Is your office cluttered with other people’s packages? And how long does it take you to find these packages when the recipient comes to retrieve them? And if you’re in a business office, how can you ensure that every package is delivered to the correct recipient, and what are the consequences if it’s not?

package management relief with delivery lockers (1)Think about all of these problems going away for good.  24/7 package delivery lockers are, as the name implies, available whenever and wherever for recipients to pick up their packages so you don’t have to.

How does it work? Upon delivery, the package is simply placed in an open locker compartment (multiple sizes are available to accommodate small parcels or large packages of any size and shape) and is entered on the easy to use touchscreen. Once it’s processed, an email or text is sent to the email or cell phone of the recipient to let them know that their package has arrived. The message includes the locker and PIN number. At their earliest convenience, the recipient simply types in their assigned PIN on the touchscreen and retrieves their package from the now open compartment. The system logs the item as retrieved, and system managers can access this audit tracking at any time.

Package Delivery Lockers Are Growing

Big companies like Amazon have recently been using the package delivery lockers to manage their huge amounts of deliveries, but there have been an increasing number of them popping up in other applications too. For example:

  • Business/Corporate Offices: Instead of needing to hunt down employees (sometimes across multiple buildings) and sign, the package can be dropped off in a locker and picked up later. There’s no need to worry “Is this package being given to the right person? Will it reach its intended recipient in time? Will it be misplaced during this process?”
  • Leasing Offices: Package delivery lockers can be an included amenity for apartments and other residential facilities that manage a lot of tenants. Instead of having to interrupt your day by retrieving resident packages, they can retrieve the packages themselves. And this way, they aren’t limited to office hours when work schedules may have previously prevented them from retrieving packages in a timely manner.
  • University Mail Services: Especially during the holiday seasons, handling mail for students who live on campus or with P.O. boxes can be a managerial nightmare with long waiting lines, limited storage space, and students who need to get to class on time. Package delivery lockers work with you and university students instead of against busy and inflexible schedules.

BIM Revit Makes Design Easy

The package delivery lockers are available to design on our BIM Revit website, which allows you to easily create your exact solution while ensuring that you remain within your budget. Simply load up a template, and you can order the lockers for installation as-is or you can easily use the software to modify the design. Your solution will then be shipped and installed for you. You can also save your designs and quotes so you can return to them later. Check it out here, or call us at 1-800-803-1083 for additional assistance.


How Vertical Hospital Bed Lifts Can Double Your Storage

Storing hospital beds efficiently is undoubtedly a challenge that most, if not all, hospitals face.  Often, they are littered across hallways and basements with nowhere else to go. However, this causes a lot of problems with code compliance and safety. Jim Deller at SSG helped one hospital solve this problem easily with vertical hospital bed lifts, which can store multiple hospital beds in the same footprint as a single bed.

How the Bed Lifts Saved Space & Improved Hospital Operations

Hospitals have to store a lot of beds; oftentimes, much more than they have room for, and there are also a percentage of extra beds that need to be stored in case a bed needs to be repaired. Additionally, a hospital may have anywhere from 5% to 10% of their beds out for repair at any given time. A 400-bed hospital could potentially have 20 to 40 beds needing repair. They are also expensive and require maintenance, meaning they need to be stored somewhere while they’re waiting to be repaired. Hospitals often have to resort to storing them in hallways and other inconvenient locations where they can easily be run into and damaged or can impede hospital operations by being in the way.

vertical hospital bed liftsSSG provided five vertical bed lifts to a hospital that was having this exact problem. Each lift stores three hospital beds in a single compact footprint, allowing them to store 15 beds in their small storage room. Previously, this hospital stored their unused beds in hallways and other inconvenient spots in the hospital. Because of this, there were various issues related to code violations, lost and damaged beds, and lack of space. It was difficult to retrieve beds and navigate them through the hospital, and the staff was wasting valuable time hunting for the beds that were needed.

The vertical hospital bed lifts provided a heavy-duty storage solution that was neat, safe, and easy for all of the hospital staff to use. The lifts provide plenty of storage space for all of their extra beds in addition to security, protection from damage, and a fast, easy method of keeping inventory.

The hospital currently has 265 patient beds and will soon be building a new patient tower with 80 more. When construction is finished, the hospital plans on adding more vertical bed lifts to accommodate their new storage capacity.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for vertical hospital bed lifts to help you get started on saving space and having more time for patient care. The bed lifts can also be designed in our BIM Revit software, where you can design the exact solution you need to your specific needs. For more information or to speak with a specialist to see if a vertical bed lift is right for you, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.