8 Ways to Optimize Your Museum Artifact Storage

artifact storage museum display systemsThe mission of a museum goes beyond just exhibiting its best pieces for visitors; a museum’s purpose is also to collect, preserve, and interpret items of historical and cultural significance as well as exhibit them. In truth, most museums are only able to showcase small portions of their collections to the public. The majority of their pieces must be safely and securely stored. But what does the right type of artifact storage look like?

The answer to that question depends on the type of artifacts in a museum’s collection, the storage needs of the artifacts, the space limitations of the museum, and the overall storage goals of the museum itself. Ideally, a museum storage system is customized to the size, shape, and needs of its collection. That same system also ideally optimizes storage space so a museum can continue to grow.

At Southwest Solutions, we believe that museum artifact storage is a public good, allowing museums to preserve important historical pieces and records of our past and present cultural inheritance. That’s why we want to share eight of our unique and innovative storage solutions just for museums. 

1. High-Density Museum Storage

One of the most popular forms of high density museum storagemuseum storage is high-density mobile shelving. The system places your existing shelves or new shelves on tracks that allow the shelves to slide together. The beauty of high-density museum storage is that the shelves eliminate unused aisle space, increasing your storage capability by over 50 percent.

If you already have shelves specially designed for your artifacts, you can place them on the tracks or purchase customized shelving. Believe it not, you can store almost anything on high-density shelving, from small figurines to large pieces of historical furniture. (You may want to consider bulk storage racks for larger items.)

The shelves come with a range of features and designs. If you don’t need to access your archives often, choose a hand-crank wheel to move the shelves. If you want faster access, you can design more aisles into the system and choose the electric push-button feature to move the shelves. Either way, high-density shelving is incredibly versatile and can give you the space to keep growing your collection without resorting to off-site storage.

2.museum artwork storage racks Artwork Storage Racks

If you need to store frame paintings, drawings, photography, or other flat art, then storage art racks built for these items are an ideal solution for your museum. Artwork racks can store pieces that range in size and width in numerous ways, from storage cubbies to pull-out art panels, wall-mounted panels, and visible display racks that you can even place in your exhibits. High-density storage can also be adapted for artwork, with special racking that can hold multiple pieces. All these options will keep valuable artwork off the ground and protect it from damaging elements.

3. Garment Storage

From historical clothing to famous movie costumes, many museums need to store important garments. However, garments are especially vulnerable to time. Sunlight bleaches away dyes, while moisture eats away at the organic materials. Consider special shelving designed to hold many different types of garments. These garment storage racks can be designed with a single hanging rack to hang dresses and full-body suits or two rows of hanging racks for singular items, like tops or bottoms. The shelves can even be designed with drawers, pull-out trays, and shoe shelves for extra accessories. You can also incorporate these shelves into a high-density mobile storage system, allowing you to store more clothing.

4. Entomology Cabinets

Insects are a fascinating and integral part of our ecosystem, and they deserve to be preserved and studied. But how can a museum effectively store such small and delicate samples? Believe it or not, storage for entomology samples does exist. These entomology storage solutions include cabinet systems and drawers, all designed for small storage. The cabinets and drawers can also keep delicate samples out of the sun and out of harm’s way.

5. Herbarium & Botany Storage Cabinets

entomology herbarium botany artifact storage cabinets

Like insect samples, plant specimens can be extremely delicate and vulnerable to damage. Fortunately, the right museum storage system can include secure museum storage cabinets and drawers that make it easy to preserve plant samples. These botany storage cabinets offer a secure seal that can keep out light, water, rodents, and other damaging materials.

6. Geology Cabinets

Rocks and fossils tell the story of our world and all the creatures who have lived before us. It is crucial to preserve this record in the form of geological and fossil samples. However, these artifacts are vulnerable to water, rodents, dust, and sunlight. Geology storage cabinets and shelves can be customized to store even the smallest and most delicate samples, while larger cabinets can preserve bigger fossils and geological samples.

7. Flat File Cabinets

Do you wish to store historical documents, maps, blueprints, negatives, or historical articles? Bending, folding, or rolling up old papers can irreparably damage them. Flat file cabinets are the ideal solution, allowing you to store these delicate pieces flat in secure drawers so the elements and curious critters can’t damage them. Pull-out compartments make it easy for staff or researchers to access these pieces.

8. Archival Storage

Archival documents like newspapers, diaries, and census records are important relics, but they take up a lot of space. Archival storage is ideal for keeping these pieces safe while also optimizing space. A combination of storage shelves designed for archival boxes and a high-density mobile storage system can help you safely store your archive documents – including your own museum records – without ceding too much space in your museum for shelving.

What Museum Storage Is Right for You?

Most museum collections include many items, from paintings to records, significant artifacts, and more. The right museum storage system for you may consist of different shelving and organizational systems. Not sure where to begin? Contact us and talk to a friendly and knowledgeable representative today. We want to hear more about your needs, budget, and space allowance. Then, our talented design team will create an artifact storage plan just for you, while our installation team ensures that your shelving units are ready to secure and protect your pieces, whether you need drawers for tiny fossils and insects or bulk storage racks for large sculptures and more. At Southwest Solutions, we can help you keep your collection in pristine shape now and into the future.


10 Ways High Density Mobile Shelving Systems Can Improve Your Business

How High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems Can Help

how high density mobile shelving systems help businessesWe may be a little biased here at Southwest Solutions, but we believe that well-designed storage is one of the most underappreciated features of an efficiently run business. Imagine a cramped, crowded office where shelves are shoved haphazardly into any available nook or cranny. Employees looking for client files, paperclips, or an inventory item have to wander maze-like corridors wasting valuable time searching for what they need. Poor storage is a killer of time, productivity, morale, and even profit!

One of the most popular solutions for businesses with big storage needs is a high-density mobile shelving system. We’ve seen these systems revolutionize businesses big and small in many industries.

So why should you consider high-density mobile shelving systems for your business? First, let’s explain what this system is.

What Are High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems?

high density mobile shelving systemLet’s start with the basics. What exactly are high-density mobile shelving systems? Also called high-density mobile shelving storage, this system places new or existing shelves on a set of tracks that allows the shelves to move together. Depending on the system you choose, the shelves can move laterally or horizontally. The true beauty of the system is that a business can eliminate unused aisle space by pushing the shelves together.

When an employee wants to access a shelf, they can use a hand-crank system or push-button to easily separate the shelves, creating an aisle to access what they need. Security measures like locking mechanisms prevent the shelves from being closed when someone or something is in the aisle.

That’s high-density mobile storage shelving in a nutshell, but how can something so simple dramatically improve your business? Here are 10 of the biggest benefits of high-density mobile shelving we love to share with clients.

1. Optimized Space

The most obvious benefit of high-density mobile shelving systems is that it can eliminate a ton of unused space – up to 50% of storage space when compared to traditional shelving units! This can make a huge difference in the look, feel, and functionality of the office.

high density storage warehouse systems2. More Storage

Businesses from law firms to hospitals, museums, and warehouses face a continually growing storage demand. If they’re unprepared, they may face cluttered, confusing offices and boxes stacking up in corners. A high-density storage system allows you to store more items in less space, expanding your overall storage capability. This can allow you to stay in your current space rather than renting or buying a larger area or spending extra money on third-party storage.

3. Keep Your Items Together

Whether you want to store case files, hard copies of client invoices, inventory, sports equipment, or anything else, high-density mobile storage allows you to keep everything together. That means your employees don’t have to trek across your location to different shelves to find what they need.

4. Improved Organization

One of the most frustrating experiences at work is needing an item and being unable to find it, especially when time is of the essence. By keeping all of your items together on your mobile shelving, you can easily implement a clear and intuitive organization system. Employees will know exactly where to find what they need and can use the organizational system to quickly pull the file, inventory item, or other assets they need to continue with their work.

5. Greater Versatility

A high-density mobile shelving system is incredibly versatile and can hold just about anything. You can order specialty shelves to hold items great and small. For example, we’ve installed mobile storage systems for university sports teams to hold equipment like uniforms and helmets. We’ve also installed them in museums to store antiques, police stations to store evidence, and so much more. (Read more from our past clients.)

6. Improved Office Traffic

Opening up more space in your office by eliminating excess storage can help you create a more open space and improve the traffic flow. You can also utilize the extra space to help your business grow. Add a conference room, put in workspaces for your new hires, or turn cubicles into offices to reward your superstars. The sky’s the limit: more space gives you more growth options!

7. Fewer Misplaced or Lost Items

high density mobile shelving storage

In a storage free-for-all, it is easy for employees to put items in the wrong place or even keep files at their desks to save time and effort. When employees can’t find the items and information they need, it can cause project slowdowns, mistakes, and lots of frustration. By keeping items together and implementing an organizational system using high-density storage, you can keep better track of what goes in and out and where all your assets are at any given time.

8. Greater Productivity

When your employees know exactly where to find what they need at work, they can complete their projects quickly. You can even place your high-density mobile shelving storage closer to the employees who need to access the system the most, saving them time and effort. Fewer lost items will also cut back on wasted time or stalled projects. The result is a higher rate of productivity that can impact your bottom line.

9. Higher Employee Morale

It may be strange to think storage could impact employee morale, but it does. A cluttered and cramped office can bring down employee morale, just like a well-designed office with good traffic flow can improve it. Wasting time searching for items or not being able to work due to lost files can all drag down morale. Good storage makes happier employees, which makes them more productive and more loyal to your business.

10. Big Savings Over Time

Purchasing a high-density mobile shelving system is an investment, but it’s one that can pay off big time in the long run. When your employees are happier and more productive, they’ll get more done and give you better work. They’ll also commit more time and energy to their work instead of searching for the items they need. Improved employee loyalty means you’ll keep your star players and avoid the heavy cost of recruiting and training new talent. Lastly, greater storage can help improve communication and accuracy, saving you from costly mistakes that could end up in unhappy or lost clients.

Improve Your Business with High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems

Ready to learn more about high-density storage systems? We’d love to talk to you about how your business can benefit. Contact us today to talk to a friendly representative who can help you decide if a high-density storage warehouse system is the right choice for you.


The Importance of Weapons Storage

Understanding the Importance of Weapons Storage

secure weapon storage gun racksOwning a weapon is a big responsibility. While owners can use weapons for competition or self-defense, they can also cause harm if they get into the wrong hands. Being a responsible weapons owner means understanding the importance of weapon storage. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, military service member, business owner, or civilian, you should consider how to properly store your guns and other weapons. In this article, we’ll look at why it’s so critical to store your weapons, as well as what storage options are available for different kinds of weapons owners.

Proper Storage Improves Safety

Many businesses and homeowners keep weapons on their property for self-defense purposes. However, an unsecured gun can be the most significant safety risk of all. According to the Giffords Law Center, over half of gun owners store at least one gun unsafely. This lax attitude has unfortunate consequences. As the Giffords Law Center notes, it can lead to an increase in suicide and unintentional shootings among children.

Not surprisingly, safe gun storage can keep your family members safer than an unsecured gun.

Proper Storage Prevents Weapons from Being Stolen

safe gun storage lockersGun safes and gun lockers can prevent your gun from being stolen and used in a crime. As the Giffords Law Center reports, gun theft is on the rise: an average of 380,000 guns are stolen each year in the United States. If you don’t want your gun or other weapons to end up on the streets or possibly used in a crime, keep them locked up.

Architectural Revit Models

Safe Gun Storage May Be the Law

Guns cannot be sold or transferred without a safety device or secure storage. Eleven states currently impose laws related to locking or storing firearms. Massachusetts has the strictest laws, requiring gun owners to store all firearms with a lock. Make sure you understand the gun storage laws in your state so you can maintain your weapon legally.

Proper Storage of Firearms Keeps Them Organized

importance of weapon storage secure gun lockersGun collectors, law enforcement offices, and military installations often need to keep a supply of firearms and weapons on the premises. The right type of secure gun storage can keep weapons organized and easy to find. When the need arises, officers and service members can quickly access their weapons to address an emergency. Larger gun storage products, like armory storage or weapons racks, may be ideal for this need.

Secure Gun Storage Keeps Weapons in Good Condition

Firearms and other weapons aren’t cheap and can represent a large budget item for some institutions. Additionally, a weapon in poor condition can be more dangerous than no weapon at all. A gun that misfires can put a police officer or service member in danger. That’s why maintaining weapons is so important. The right type of weapons storage can help protect weapons from the elements and extend their functional life.

How to Properly Store a Gun and Other Weapons

The proper storage of firearms and other weapons doesn’t have to look the same, and how you store yours will depend on your circumstances, needs, and preferences. For example, police officers may need a storage system that allows them to track access to weapons. At the same time, a business owner may prefer a storage solution that keeps a gun secure while allowing quick access. 

Trigger Locks and Cable Locks

The first layer of gun safety should be a trigger lock or cable lock. As the NRA explains, most gun manufacturers and retailers now include a locking mechanism with every gun purchase. Trigger locks and cable locks can work in different fashions, but they make it impossible for a gun to be fired. Trigger locks may prevent a gun from being loaded, while a cable lock will prevent the action on the firearm from being closed.

Of course, trigger locks and cable locks don’t keep a gun from being stolen.

Gun Safes and Gun Cabinets

According to USConcealeadCarry.com, “For the majority of gun owners, a safe is the number-one, common sense, go-to option of choice.” Weapons owners who want to keep guns out of children’s hands and prevent their guns from being stolen should consider investing in a gun safe. Individuals or institutions that need to store more than a few guns may want to consider a gun cabinet.

The price and functionality of gun safes vary. Weapons can be accessed by typing a code into a digital keypad, using a dial, or even with a biometric fingerprint, depending on the model.

Weapons Racks and Universal Police Weapons Cabinet

weapons rack secure gun storageLaw enforcement offices, sporting goods stores, and gun dealerships may need to store various firearms and other weapons, including knives and bows and arrows. For this need, a weapons rack can store and organize many different kinds of weapons. Likewise, a police weapons cabinet is designed for a range of weapons used by law enforcement officers, including handguns, rifles, and long guns.

Armory Storage

Military institutions and larger sporting goods retailers will need to store a large number of weapons. To keep them safe but also accessible in an emergency, armory storage is the right solution. Different types of armory storage can store a range of weapons and ammunition.

RFID Storage Solutions

secure gun safety tracking rfid cabinetsInstitutions, like law enforcement offices and military bases, need to track weapons and store them. Smart tracking lockers can help these institutions know who has possession of which weapon, allowing you to monitor and manage all weapon use. RFID gun lockers, gun cabinets, and ammo cabinets all increase visibility and trackability of weapons.

The Importance of Gun Safety Is a Matter of Life and Death

Part of the responsibility of owning a weapon is implementing safe gun storage and safe weapon storage. For safety, a firearm should be stored unloaded in a safe. Consider storing the ammo in a separate locked location. 

At Southwest Solutions Group®, we believe in the importance of weapon storage, which is why we offer a broad range of weapons storage solutions. Take a look at our many different weapons storage options for collectors, business owners, police precincts, military institutions, and more, then contact us to place your order.


How Medical Modular Storage Is Helping Hospitals During COVID-19

healthcare modular casework systemsThe coronavirus has challenged hospitals like never before. Even as vaccines are deployed across the United States, hospitals are struggling with a winter surge of COVID-19 patients. In some of the hardest-hit areas, the availability of ICU beds is dropping precariously low. Hospitals have been forced to respond by filling up other wards with COVID-19 patients, even treating some in hallways. In a chaotic situation like this, medical modular storage can give hospitals the flexibility they so desperately need when storing critical equipment and gear.

Storage Is One of Many Challenges During the Coronavirus Pandemic

One of the many challenges healthcare workers face during this pandemic is where to put all the patients. Hospitals need to consider how they can quickly and effectively remodel their care spaces to make room for patients and allow healthcare staff to treat them as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, healthcare workers must have access to fresh PPE (personal protective equipment) kits to keep themselves and their patients safe. This means hospitals need to store more masks, face shields, gloves, and gowns than ever before.

Modular storage solutions can help address both of these situations.

What Is Medical Modular Storage?

medical modular storage systemsMedical modular storage refers to various medical storage products, everything from casework to cabinetsdrawer storage systemsstorage lockers, and wire racks. What makes medical modular storage solutions ideal during the pandemic is that these pieces can easily be moved and reconfigured into different spaces.

For example, a modular nurse station taking up too much space in a COVID-19 ward can be moved and replaced with modular casework filled with PPE kits. Mobile wire racks can quickly be moved from room to room to help nurses and doctors treat patients more effectively.

Modular storage systems are a great alternative to built-in furniture, which is not easily moved around. In an environment where the situation is constantly changing, modular storage can change with the hospital’s needs.

The Other Benefits of Modular Storage Systems  

Aside from giving healthcare workers the flexibility they need to reconfigure treatment spaces, modular storage systems also offer various other benefits.

The Look of Built-In Furniture

medical modular hospital casework cabinetsHospitals and other medical offices want to create spaces that are both efficient and visually pleasing. Just because modular furniture can be moved doesn’t mean it has to look like it doesn’t belong. At Southwest Solutions Group®, we offer high-quality medical modular casework that can fit into nearly any type of environment, including medical rooms, offices, nursing stations, pharmacies, operating rooms, reception areas, research laboratories, and more.

Easy-to-Clean and Sterile Materials

Hospital employees need to keep every surface as clean as possible. While healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are a major concern at any medical facility, the possibility of spreading the coronavirus among healthcare workers and vulnerable patients cannot be overlooked.

Modular storage systems can make cleaning easier on hospital staff. Since these systems can be moved and disassembled, workers can clean every inch of the surface. Compare that to built-in shelves and casework, where it can be difficult, if not impossible, to scrub every surface.

Additionally, Southwest Solutions sells stainless steel medical storage options. Stainless steel is easy to clean and holds up to harsh chemicals, making it an ideal storage material for areas that need to remain sterile, like a hospital.

More Mobility Means Less Handling

Surgical kits and PPE kits are now a way of life at hospitals and medical facilities around the country. If a kit is torn or damaged, it must be re-sterilized, costing precious time and money. The less a kit is handled before use, the lower the risk of damage. Modular racks, including transport carts and temporary storage shelves, can help lower the number of people who handle the kits before use.

Easy to Assemble and Reassemble

stainless steel medical modular caseworkWith coronavirus hospitalizations on the rise in many parts of the country, healthcare workers don’t have time to put together shelves and casework. Instead, they need to focus on caring for coronavirus patients who need constant attention. An underappreciated benefit of modular storage is that it is easy and often quick to assemble and reassemble. This allows healthcare workers to quickly take apart modular furniture that is needed elsewhere and assemble it in a better spot without sacrificing time spent caring for patients.

The Need for Modular Storage Solutions Will Continue

Medical modular storage may seem like it was tailor-made for the needs of the coronavirus pandemic, but the truth is that hospitals will need to maintain their flexibility far into the future. Medical researchers are sounding the alarm that changes to the environment and the growing globalization of our world could result in a steady increase in pandemics in the future. Hospitals and other medical facilities will always be on the front lines of these outbreaks and must be ready to shift into high gear again and again.

Medical modular storage will help hospitals shift quickly to meet whatever unknown challenges await in the future.

Where to Find Modular Storage Solutions

Southwest Solutions is a leader in providing medical storage products. We have been selling storage solutions for over 50 years, and we offer a range of modular storage for medical offices and hospitals. Whether you need exam room modular casework, sterile modular wire storage, or something else, we can provide it. Contact us today for a quote.


7 Benefits of Spacesaver High-Density Storage Shelving

Spacesaver high density storage shelving concept

As a business grows, its storage needs increase. Inventory, records, files, and documents tend to pile up. Office space is precious, which means storing your physical assets as efficiently as possible can help you improve your productivity, save money, and optimize your office’s layout. Spacesaver® systems provide excellent high-density storage options. If you’re ready to make the most of your space, then it’s time to invest in Spacesaver storage.

What Are Spacesaver Storage Solutions?

spacesaver high density storage shelvingMany businesses store their files, records, office supplies, and other physical assets on traditional shelving units. The problem with this setup is that each storage shelf requires aisle space so your employees can access needed items. These aisles take up a significant amount of space and are rarely used. As your storage needs increase, you may discover that you don’t have room for additional shelves and may even need to consider off-site storage.

Spacesaver systems are a better answer. Spacesaver is the largest manufacturer of high-density storage products in the United States and offers an excellent variety of high-density shelving.

High-Density Mobile Shelving

High-density mobile shelving is a popular Spacesaver storage solution. Your shelving units are placed on tracks, which eliminates unnecessary aisles. Employees can move the shelves on the track using a dial or button, making it quick and easy to grab the files they need. Eliminating aisles can free up a significant amount of space in your office.

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Spacesaver Sliding Bi-File Shelvesspacesaver storage solutions

Another Spacesaver mobile shelving option is a set of bi-file sliding shelves. Like the mobile shelving, these shelving systems are on a track. In this case, the shelves can be stacked two, three, or even four rows deep. By moving the shelves laterally, employees can access shelves in the rows further back. This setup works for any type of office but is ideal for businesses that prefer to put rarely used files and assets on back shelves and keep their current items in front.

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Rotary Cabinets

spacesaver systemsOne other storage solution is a rotary cabinet. This rotating cabinet lets your employees use both sides of a shelf while placing it against a wall to eliminate the need for aisles on both sides. One additional benefit of this particular product is that the shelving unit can be closed, giving your office a clean, uncluttered look.

Architectural Revit Models

What Are the Benefits of Spacesaver High-Density Storage Shelving?

Should you consider investing in a Spacesaver high-density mobile storage system? For many businesses, the answer is yes. Here are a few of the significant benefits you can enjoy with Spacesaver storage:

1. Greater Storage Capacity

Over time, your storage needs are likely to increase. Now you can store more items in less space. You can store your items close together instead of scattered on shelves throughout the office; you’re improving your storage space and your office’s appearance. Spacesaver storage solutions are beneficial for businesses that regularly generate new patient files or customer records or need to store a growing amount of inventory.

2. Optimize Your Office Space

As your storage needs expand beyond your current space, you may be forced to shove shelves in every nook and cranny. You may even consider purchasing off-site storage, which can increase your business costs and lower employees’ productivity who have to travel to retrieve items. Instead, Spacesaver mobile shelving allows you to store more in less space.

3. Improve Worker Productivity

Spacesaver high-density storage shelving allows you to keep your inventory, files, and other assets close together. This makes it easier for your employees to find the items they need quickly and efficiently. It can also help you maintain a consistent organizational system. When your workers can get what they need quickly, they can perform more work during the day.

4. Allow Your Company to Grow

spacesaver mobile storage systemsAs you increase your workforce, inventory, and acquisitions, you’ll need more space to accommodate your growing company. Eliminating aisles and unnecessary shelves can make space for more desks, allow you to store extra inventory, and give you free space for additional equipment to speed up your work processes.

5. Increased Safety

When you run out of storage space, you may be forced to stack file boxes in the corner or pile office equipment in the warehouse. These items can block workplace traffic and create new hazards. Workers can trip or bump into items that are not stored correctly, leading to injuries and expensive workers’ compensation claims.

6. Better Security

When your physical assets are together in one place, it’s easier to monitor them and harder for unscrupulous individuals to access your property. Spacesaver mobile storage systems also help you keep your inventory and other assets well-organized to see if something is missing or misplaced quickly.

7. Greater Savings

Investing in Spacesaver mobile shelving can quickly pay for itself. A high-density storage system can allow you to avoid renting off-site storage, provide you enough space to make a new hire, and even let you stay in your current space without the need to move to a larger office. Finally, when your employees can quickly and easily access the items they need, they’ll be more productive each and every day, adding to your bottom line.

What Businesses Need Spacesaver Systems?

Any business that needs to store things in their office or on their property can benefit from Spacesaver storage. That includes businesses that need to store inventory, records, files, office supplies, equipment, and more. 

Nearly any office with physical assets can benefit from Spacesaver storage solutions, including:

  • Medical offices
  • Law offices
  • Architectural firms
  • Libraries
  • Museums

Where You Can Find Spacesaver Storage Products

Ready to optimize your storage capacity? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Southwest Solutions Group®, we offer all the most popular Spacesaver systems, including mobile shelving, sliding bi-file shelves, and rotary storage. Take a look at all our storage solutions and contact a friendly customer service representative today to find the right high-density storage solution for you. 


How Sliding File Storage Is Transforming Records Management

sliding office file storageYour business has records. Lots of records. Where do they all go? Does your office have filing cabinets shoved in every corner? Are your oldest files stacked in boxes at the very back of the warehouse? Finally, are you ready to get on top of all your records and files? Sliding file storage is the way to do it.

Creating a clean, organized, and productive office space is more important than ever. Sliding file storage can transform your office by allowing you to bring all your records together in one well-organized space. Sliding office storage makes it easy for your employees to find the records they need quickly and easily while also freeing up valuable space

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What Is Sliding File Storage?

What sets sliding office file storage apart from your run-of-the-mill filing cabinet is the ]addition of a sliding track. Your filing cabinets are placed on the track, allowing your employees to move them from side to side. The beauty of this configuration is that you can place a second row of filing cabinets behind the first row.

For example, you can place four filing cabinets against the back wall of your office and then place three sliding filing cabinets in front of them. Employees can move the front cabinets laterally on the track to access the filing cabinets in the back. But why stop at two rows of cabinets? Businesses with high storage needs can even add a third row of sliding track file storage.

sliding file storageWhat Are the Benefits of Sliding File Storage?

Can adding sliding file storage cabinets to your office really transform the way your business manages its records? The answer for many companies is an enthusiastic yes. Here are just a few benefits of sliding file storage.

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All Your Records and Supplies in One Place

Many businesses stick their filing cabinets wherever they can find a bit of extra room. This means employees may need to wander around the entire building to find the records they need. A sliding office file storage system allows you to keep all of your files and other supplies together. Ideally, you’ll put them near the employees who need to access them the most, saving time and improving productivity.

Better Organization

It’s much easier to keep your critical records organized and easily accessible when they’re all in one place. Instead of stashing them into drawers or putting them in the wrong filing cabinets, you can ensure that records are well-organized so everyone can find them. Issues with your filing system may also become apparent when you can bring all your files together in one place.

sliding track file storage cabinetsSaving Space in Your Office

Space is at a premium in every office, especially for businesses that need to find room for a large number of records. One of the biggest benefits of a sliding track file storage system is that it can dramatically reduce the space taken up by your storage cabinets. By doubling or even tripling up on your cabinets, you can free up space elsewhere in your office. This can allow you to cut down on storage costs or find room for more employees and equipment without moving into a bigger space.

Prioritize Your Files

Many businesses prefer (or are required) to hold onto older or inactive records. Though these files are rarely needed, it can be critical to keeping them around just in case. Sliding storage systems really come in handy here. They allow you to place your less active or closed files in the back cases while keeping your active records in the front row of sliding file storage cabinets, where they will be easily accessible. This way, your employees can quickly grab the records they work on the most while still keeping your less active files handy whenever they are needed.

How Can Sliding Storage Increase the Workplace Efficiency of Your Office?

Are your filing cabinets scattered all over the office? Imagine how much longer it takes for your employees to find the records they need when they have to go on a long search for the right file. The time they spend searching for files is time they can’t spend on higher-level work, and it also breaks up their workflow.

records management sliding file cabinetsKeeping your records together in a well-organized sliding track file storage system will allow your employees to quickly and efficiently grab what they need and continue on with their work. They’ll complete projects faster and meetings will move along more smoothly.

What happens if you need an old file but can’t find it? Many companies store their inactive files in the most inconvenient place in the office. These older files may even live in unorganized boxes at the back of the warehouse! In a crisis situation when you need to refer to an older file, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to find. A sliding office file storage system allows you to keep all your files together, even your rarely used records.

Finally, don’t take the space-saving capabilities of sliding file storage for granted. Offices that are cramped and cluttered can slowly drain employee morale. In contrast, a well-designed office with clear traffic lanes and plenty of open space can help employees feel more energized and motivated.

This all adds up to a higher level of productivity among your employees, which can positively affect your bottom lines. When you give your employees the tools to do their job better, like sliding file storage, everyone flourishes.

Where to Find the Right Sliding File Storage Solutions

If you want to transform your records management system with sliding office file storage, then Southwest Solutions Group® has the products you need. We offer a variety of different shelves (including slimline filing cabinets, Tambour door storage, and more) that can hold files, records, boxes, and office supplies. We can also help you design the right sliding storage system for you, whether you want two rows of lateral shelves, three rows, or something more unique. Tell us about your storage needs, and we can help make your office more efficient. Contact us today.  


How the Right Storage Solutions Can Improve Workplace Efficiency

office storage solutions

Every minute your employees spend searching for a record, digging through boxes for the latest catalog, or slogging through a crowded warehouse to restock inventory is a minute they aren’t doing higher-level work. Precious time lost in dribs and drabs can add up to a significant reduction in efficiency and productivity. How can you combat this? You may be surprised at how affordable and straightforward the answer is. The right storage solutions can clean up your cluttered office and make it fast and easy for your employees to find exactly what they need to do their best work every day.

What Are Storage Solutions?

When you think of a term like office storage solutions, you may immediately call to mind huge, metal warehouse shelves. While this type of shelving falls into the category of storage solutions, the truth is that storage comes in many different forms.

Here are just a few of the varied types of storage solutions offices all across the country are currently using:

Pull-Out Storage

An excellent storage solution for small spaces, Pull-out storage features shelves that can be pulled out when an item needs to be retrieved. When the shelf isn’t in use, it can be pushed back in, freeing up valuable workflow space in the office.

Mobile Storage Solutions

small space storage solutionsDoes your office utilize a “hot desk” type of seating arrangement, or are you looking for a more open-concept office? Mobile storage is a great option. Mobile storage is precisely like it sounds. These mobile units can follow workers to different workspaces or even be shared between departments when the need arises.

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Automated Storage and Retrieval

Make the most of your limited space with automated storage and retrieval. These advanced and easy-to-use systems allow you to store your inventory and other items using space all the way up to the ceiling. When you need an item, the system seamlessly retrieves and delivers it to you.

File Storage

Law firms, medical offices, schools, and many other businesses must keep a large number of physical records on hand. Shelving solutions like rotary cabinets, lateral file cabinets, and 4-post file shelving can make it as efficient as possible for your employees to find the files they need.


Suppose your employees work in a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or public customer service role. In that case, you may need them to store their personal items in a private part of your building. Lockers are an excellent option, allowing your employees to keep their possessions safe and out of the way during the workday.

improve workspace efficiency storage solutionsArt Storage

Any art needs to be handled with care; you can’t stack them in a corner or pile them on top of each other. However, specialized art racks allow you to protect your valuable prints and other items while saving space. These racks are an excellent warehouse storage solution for extra art pieces that are not out on the floor.

What Are the Efficiency Benefits of Office Storage Solutions?

The right type of storage solution can save your employees time, help them stay focused, and allow them to access the materials they need to keep your office humming along.

Significant Time Savings

Any amount of time employees spend searching for inventory, tools, or materials is wasted time that hurts your bottom line. The right storage solutions allow you to organize your physical assets so that your employees can find what they need quickly and easily. For example, a well-organized filing cabinet immediately lets your employee zero in on the correct drawer and quickly find the right file. Every business knows that time equals money. The less time your employees spend searching through an unorganized system, the stronger your bottom line.

Better Space Efficiency

workspace efficiency storage solutionsCramped, cluttered warehouses and office spaces not only make it difficult for your employees to do their jobs, but they can also be a safety hazard. If items aren’t stored securely, employees could trip over them or bump into them. Office storage solutions, including all types of shelving units, allow you to utilize your space as efficiently as possible. In fact, the right storage system can help you grow your company without having to move into larger offices or even allow you to free up space for more workers, more inventory, and more equipment.

Greater Utilization of Your Assets

Your employees can’t use what they don’t know you have. One way storage solutions can create greater efficiency is by increasing the visibility of your business assets. For example, perhaps your marketing department includes unique brochures for each of your products. A pull-out shelf or carousel storage system makes it easy for a sales representative to see what materials are available. If all the marketing materials are piled in drawers, your sales rep may never find the right brochure to leave with a customer.  

Improved Office Flow

When your employees can easily access the materials they need, the office flows more efficiently. You won’t have multiple workers wandering around in the warehouse looking for inventory or important records. Whenever an employee needs an item, they will know exactly how to find it. This will allow them to stay focused on their task and complete assignments without long and frustrating distractions spent searching for the right item.

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The 8 Benefits of On-Site Storage Lockers

metal storage locker cabinets

Schools, gyms, and businesses of all sizes need to offer their students, employees, and customers a safe and secure way to store their possessions. The simple and cost-effective solution is to provide storage lockers. If you’re thinking of traditional metal storage lockers, we’re here to let you know that metal options are just the beginning. Locker systems have come a long way in the past decades. These days, businesses can invest in stylish lockers of all shapes and sizes, along with smart lockers that can bring your business into the digital age. The right locker system can keep essential items safe while also helping a business be more efficient and productive.

A Storage Locker for Every Need

Many types of businesses will find locker systems useful, but the type they end up purchasing will depend heavily on their industry. Here are just a few of the most popular types of locker systems.

Metal Locker Cabinet

Metal locker cabinets are still a great option for any business or institution that needs to allow employees and students to store their belongings. These simple cabinets keep possessions safe and secure while students are in class or workers are on the job.

Modular Lockers

As your business changes and grows, you’ll need a locker system that can adapt to your needs. Modular lockers allow you to add on more lockers as your student body, customer base, or number of employees increases. You can also change the configuration of the lockers to best fit your office space.

Package Locker Systemskeyless smart locker package systems

It can be time-consuming and inefficient for apartments, condo complexes, and office buildings to accept packages at a front office. If the office is closed when a student or employee is available, they may have trouble receiving their package. Package lockers allow delivery personnel to place packages in individual package lockers so recipients can retrieve their items when it’s most convenient for them.

Keyless Lockers

Keys are easy to forget or lose. When a locker key is lost, owners may need to damage the locker or the lock to retrieve their valuable belongings. Additionally, institutions that regularly reassign lockers have to expend a lot of energy to make sure each new person has the right key or lock. Administrators in this position should look to keyless lockers, which can be reprogrammed for new owners and can be opened using a key code or even a phone app.

Gun Storage Locker

To increase the safety of an office, police station, or private home, firearms lockers can ensure all weapons are locked away and kept out of the hands of the wrong people. Weapons storage lockers also help keep firearms and other weapons in good condition between usage.

Charging Lockers

These days, students, customers, and employees need to store electronics like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops. Keep these electronics fully powered with charging lockers, which include outlets for easy charging. Additionally, cell phone lockers make it easy for students and customers to stash their phones while in class, at the pool, or in other instances where pockets need to be empty.

What Businesses Should Use Locker Systems?

Any business or institution that wants to give their employees, customers, or students the ability to store their personal possessions can benefit from storage lockers. Businesses that need to keep certain items secured should also consider secure locker systems. Finally, businesses that accept packages or want a flexible way to provide items to their customers should certainly consider a locker system.

Industries that could most benefit from lockers include:modular on-site storage lockers

The Benefits of Storage Lockers

Whether you’re looking for small storage lockers, tall storage lockers, or something in between, here are just a few reasons to invest in a locker system:

1. Reduces Property Loss

When your customers and students have a place to put their extra items, like books, phones, and bags, they are less likely to lose these items. Happy customers are more likely to return to your business!

2. Improved Security

Unfortunately, purses, bags, packages, phones, and other valuable items left out in the open make a tempting target for thieves. Lockers can help ensure that your customers’ possessions stay with them and that packages always get to their intended recipient.

3. Improved Safety

locker system storage ideasCertain types of lockers, like gun storage lockers and clear door lockers, can help make an office, campus, or private home safer. Clear lockers encourage your employees and students not to bring inappropriate things into your building, and gun lockers keep weapons out of the wrong hands.

4. Higher Productivity

When employees and students put their phones, smartwatches, and other devices in a locker, they can better focus. This can help students learn more efficiently and employees achieve more during their work hours.

5. Better Space Utilization

Locker systems give your students and employees a specific place to put their extra items. This can prevent them from leaving bags, coats, and other possessions in the wrong places and keep traffic areas clear.

6. Storing Large Items

It can sometimes be challenging to figure out where to store large items, especially if those items need to be secure. Large storage lockers are a great option for businesses that need to store big or bulky items. Businesses that receive large packages or museums that need to store large pieces should consider large storage lockers to make the best out of their spaces.

7. Improved Organization and Record-Keeping

Today’s most advanced smart lockers can record entries, which makes it easy for you to audit the usage of your locker systems. If something in the locker goes missing, it’s simple to track down the last person to access it.

8. Better Aesthetics

Lockers don’t have to give your business an institutional look. In fact, many of today’s lockers can fit into the current aesthetic of your building. Wood storage lockers, for instance, offer a warm and naturalistic design. Plastic storage lockers and steel locker cabinets also offer unique looks that can fit into your existing design.

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Automating Parts Storage for Transportation Maintenance

In April of this year, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced that with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, America’s public transportation systems would be receiving a total of $25 billion in recovery funds. These funds are designed to help cover operating and related expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entrusted with this funding, it’s important for cities to put the money to good use. And one area that’s worth the investment is the maintenance facilities.

Disorganized and inefficient parts storage hinders productivity, delays maintenance time, and drains a city’s finances. Equipped with extra resources thanks to the CARES Act, it’s a good time for public transportation systems to look at upgrading their maintenance parts storage.

vertical lift modules parts storage

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) recently took this step, automating their maintenance parts storage by installing vertical lift modules and high-density shelving systems. These automated storage systems provide DART’s maintenance facility with improved space utilization, increased productivity, better employee safety, and higher security of materials. And since all of this amounts to more efficient operations and financial savings, the automated systems are definitely worth the investment.

Architectural Revit Models

Vertical Lift Modules

As part of upgrading their maintenance parts storage, DART had vertical lift modules, or VLMs, installed in their facility. VLMs enhance maintenance operations by providing automated parts storage in a compact footprint and making it easier for maintenance personnel to access the parts they need.

maintenance parts storage vlm

This automated storage and retrieval system consists of an enclosed, software-controlled system of vertically-arranged storage trays. These systems make use of overhead warehouse space and can save up to 85% of floor space compared with traditional storage methods. When an employee needs to retrieve a part, the mechanism removes the appropriate tray from its storage slot and delivers it to the access counter quickly and efficiently. The entire process requires minimal effort on the part of the worker.

 With their compact footprint, VLMs are ideal for facilities with limited floor space, freeing up room for productivity or extra stock. The system provides secure storage for parts, with access control options to ensure only authorized employees can access stored items. And by delivering the specified part directly to the worker, the VLM cuts down the time it takes to locate and retrieve parts, enabling faster and safer parts retrieval. This in turn results in shorter maintenance times and, since time is money, financial savings. Read more about vertical lift modules here.

High-Density Storage Systems

DART also chose to employ a high-density storage system to save space in their maintenance facility. High-density mobile storage consists of shelving units or pallet racks mounted on carriages that slide on floor tracks. The storage units compact together, eliminating all but a single movable access aisle.

high density storage system parts storage

The primary benefit of these compact systems is space savings. By converting your stationary shelving or pallet racks to a high-density system, you can nearly double your storage capacity in the same footprint, or free up almost 50% of the floor space for more productive activities.

The automated system also gives you the ability to control access to valuable materials, with PIN code or other access required to open an aisle to retrieve a specific part. Read more about high-density storage systems here.

Other Efficient Parts Storage Solutions

DART chose to upgrade their maintenance facility with VLMs and high-density storage systems, but these are not the only options for storing your parts more securely and efficiently.

mro parts storage solution industrial vending machines

You might consider investing in industrial vending machines, a popular solution for dispensing MRO tools and parts. These versatile machines efficiently store parts of various sizes and dispense the needed part when an authorized employee selects the desired item from a touchscreen console. The industrial vending machines track inventory levels and usage as well as allowing access only to the specified part and only by authorized users. This adds up to quicker, more accurate parts retrieval which in turn results in higher productivity and less maintenance delays.

Horizontal carousels are another automated storage and retrieval system well-suited for parts storage. A savvier solution for facilities with extensive storage needs and limited overhead space, these systems consist of hanging bins that rotate on a motorized overhead track. Thanks to software capabilities, the carousel rotates to bring the correct bin directly to the operator, as well as monitoring inventory and controlling access.

You can learn more about industrial vending machines, horizontal carousels, and the rest of our material handling solutions here.

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How to Use High-Density Shelving to Motivate & Attract Talent

In the competitive world of college athletics, the quality of a school’s facilities serves to reflect the quality of the teams and the university as a whole. Successful athletic programs know that functional isn’t enough anymore; a facility’s appearance is crucial both for maintaining player morale and for attracting new talent.

compact athletic equipment storage graphic wraps

And this isn’t just true for the stadiums, fields, and gyms. This principle extends even to your equipment storage. That’s right—even your storage has the potential to make a lasting impression on recruits and players.

So how can you ensure that your equipment storage makes a quality impression? It all comes down to choosing the right storage system. And countless of the most prominent Division I programs have already achieved this by choosing high-density shelving.

Both functional and visually appealing, high-density shelving is the perfect solution for elite athletic departments in need of space-saving equipment storage. Not only can you efficiently store and organize high volumes of equipment in these compact storage systems, but you can also customize them with graphic wraps to create a memorable and quality impression.

Architectural Revit Models

Graphic Wraps Take Your Storage to the Next Level

In addition to efficient organization, high-density equipment storage gives you a blank canvas where you can showcase school pride. It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up.

graphic wraps high density athletic storage

Graphic wraps allow you to customize your high-density storage with team colors, logos, mascots, and even full murals. Adding a graphic wrap to your equipment storage is an excellent way to set your facility apart and show that your athletic program is top-notch. After all, a high-quality program deserves high-quality storage facilities. Which means that when prospective recruits see your equipment room, they’ll be left with an appealing impression of the program.

But the morale of your current athletes is just as important as attracting new talent. An unexceptional, disorganized storage facility causes frustration that leads to lack of motivation, which is detrimental to a team’s success. But upgrading to high-density shelving with graphic wraps will foster school pride and boosts athletes’ morale every time they walk in to retrieve equipment. And no program can be successful without motivated athletes.

Of course, universities aren’t the only application that can benefit from high-density shelving with graphic wraps. Several high school athletic departments have set themselves apart with this state-of-the-art storage solution, and military facilities also benefit from organized equipment storage with graphics that boost soldiers’ morale.

The Functional Side of High-Density Shelving

While appearance is crucial to making a quality impression with equipment storage, function is no less important. Fortunately, high-density shelving isn’t just a pretty face. It’s also highly practical.

High-density shelving units are mounted on mobile carriages which compact to eliminate all but a single movable aisle. By cutting out fixed aisles, they can save up to 50% of your floor space. For facilities short on storage space, these savings are critical.

Operating the storage system is easy and intuitive, using ergonomic rotating handles that can move multiple carriages at a time with minimal effort. Powered options are available as well. Learn more about how high-density shelving works here.

secure high density military storage

You can also customize your system to meet your unique storage requirements, whether storing helmets, hanging uniforms, shoulder pads, or any other kind of gear. This allows for optimal organization, which makes it easier for staff and players to retrieve equipment. This compact, organized storage will also give your equipment room a neat and polished appearance.

And for applications like military where security is a top priority, high-density shelving systems come with the option of added security features including roll-down tambour doors and PIN or badge access with audit tracking. This way, you never have to worry about pilferage or damage to your stored equipment.

Images of High-Density Shelving with Graphic Wraps

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