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Maximizing Masterpieces for Museums and Art Galleries

In museums and art galleries, protecting, preserving, and displaying various artwork and artifacts is no small task. Paired together with the need to maximize storage floor space, it can be a frustrating situation that’s all too common. Southwest Solutions Group (SSG) has found that sliding mobile shelves address these various needs and act as a multipurpose museum storage solution. 

As a leading provider of museum storage solutions, we want to share our industry knowledge and showcase how our products can meet any unique museum needs. This blog explores how our installations around the country use these shelves to protect and display priceless artifacts. 

Upgrading to High-Density Mobile Shelving 

Sliding mobile shelves, or high-density mobile shelving systems, have transformed museum and art gallery storage. By reducing the number of static aisles, high-density storage can cut storage floor space in half compared to static shelving. These compact systems can mount shelving units or cabinets on mobile carriages that glide along floor tracks. This minimizes unused aisle space and increases storage density. This also protects collections from damage caused by light, temperature fluctuations, humidity, and more. 

High-density systems offer two modes of operation: mechanical assist (hand-crank) and powered (push-button). Hand-crank shelving requires minimal force to move shelves and ensures safety with control handle locks. Push-button shelving increases efficiency with quick responses and incorporates safety features like motion sensors and safety sweeps. Both options provide versatile solutions to meet various storage needs, helping your staff remain productive and reducing storage-related costs. 

While the main appeal of sliding mobile shelves is their space optimization and preservation capabilities, these systems also offer enhanced accessibility and security features. Various security and safety features can be added to ensure that both stored items and personnel are protected. 


You Name It, We Can Store It

  • State Archives: These facilities house documents vital to national heritage and historical research, requiring the most care. Through high-density shelving, archives have succeeded in preserving documents and making them accessible and organized.  
  • Torpedo Storage: These storage systems are used in the preservation of historical weapons, including torpedoes. Given the unusual size and weight of these artifacts, heavy-duty sliding mobile shelves offer a solution that protects these items, ensuring they are kept in their historical context and secure from environmental threats. 
  • Feather Collections: Museums with extensive biological collections, such as feathers, benefit from the adaptability of sliding mobile shelves. The customizability of these systems means that delicate items can be stored in conditions that prevent deterioration over time. Mesh panels of compact art racks, for example, facilitate airflow around delicate specimens, contributing to their preservation. 
  • Silver Collections: Precious metals, like silver collections, require specific conditions to prevent tarnishing and degradation. Sliding mobile shelves integrated with controlled environments ensure these valuable pieces are not only efficiently stored but are also maintained in pristine condition.  

Flexibility for Future Needs 

Recognizing the diverse needs of museums and art galleries, sliding mobile shelves can be custom designed by our team, ensuring a perfect fit for your collection's unique requirements today, or in the future. 

Items that can be stored in sliding mobile shelves include:  

  • Costumes or hanging garments 
  • Rolled textiles 
  • Heavy-duty artifacts 
  • Archival documents 
  • Framed artwork 

This flexibility and potential for future changes make sliding mobile shelves a strong and adaptable solution for growing museum collections. 

A Space-Saving Solution with Endless Possibilities 

As museums and art galleries continue to expand their collections, the need for compact, secure, and efficient storage solutions becomes more critical. By installing sliding mobile shelves, these spaces don’t need to worry about storage. Instead, they can spend more time curating a timeless experience for patrons. 

Ready to Transform Your Storage? 

At SSG, our commitment extends beyond providing innovative storage solutions; we aim to ensure your collections are preserved and accessible for the future. Whether your requirement is for delicate artifacts or bulky historical weapons, our sliding mobile shelves can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We can help you double your storage capacity without losing preservation and security. 

Why wait to make the most of your museum or gallery space? We can create an optimized, safe, and accessible environment for your priceless collections! Fill out this form to receive a free quote or contact us directly at 866-929-4184.

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