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Boost your Workflow: The Benefits of Document Scanning

In today's digital era, it's essential that your business keeps pace by leveraging current technology. The time of endlessly looking for paper documents and files has passed. Nowadays, you can store all necessary documents on cloud-based servers. If you're concerned about the existing paper files, a great solution to optimize your space and maintain organization is to convert your business documents and files into a digital format. 

Here at Southwest Solutions Group (SSG), we offer document scanning services. With more and more companies converting to digital files, we are here to help ensure your documents are transferred securely and handled with care. We simply take your paper files, scan them, and put them into your company’s database or cloud storage. One of the primary advantages of digitization is the optimization of existing space, freeing up room for your company to repurpose for various needs.  

In this blog post, we’ll explore how document scanning can be a convenient way to help your security, quality, and organization while also showing who can benefit from going digital.  

Our Process

What you should expect:  

  • Up to 50,000 documents scanned in just one eight-hour shift. 
  • 300 DPI which gives your images a high-quality look without being a huge file. 
  • Adjustments to resolutions if necessary 

Once your business decides that digitizing paper documents is the right fit for you, we ask that one of your project managers come out to meet with the SSG team to discuss your company’s goals.  

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your company avoids incurring costs for unnecessary documents. One way we do this is by deleting blank pages, so you aren’t being charged for them. If something comes out not of the quality your company is expecting, we will rescan it for no additional costs. 

Additionally, our team organizes your records into boxes. Upon completion of this task, each box will be clearly marked with a tracking number and barcode, enabling you to monitor the status of your documents throughout the scanning process and identify which have been fully digitized. 

When documents are done being processed, we can help your business utilize your newfound office space with specialty solutions like mobile shelving or new office furniture. This process is quite simple and comes with many benefits, listed below.  


Security is a big priority at SSG, it’s crucial to us that your documents are protected throughout the entire process. We ensure the secure transportation of your company's documents to our facility.

Document-Scanning  However, if you prefer to keep your files at your office, our staff also provides on-site document scanning services. Regardless of location, SSG’s process is CJIS and HIPPA-compliant. We use a system to track who has your files and when they have them. This way we know exactly who is scanning them and can monitor and guarantee no one outside our team gets a hold of your files. 

Not only is the process of scanning these documents safe, but this also makes for a safer place to store your documents. Your employees will no longer have to worry about misplacing or completely losing these files. Now they will all be stored electronically and will give them access whenever necessary.  


Many scan houses only provide about 20% quality control, unlike them, SSG carries out 100% quality control, ensuring every image meets your company’s expectations. Our team meticulously compares each of the paper pages to the digitized version, making sure proper quality is on every file. Additionally, we will rotate, and crop images as needed, to make sure you are completely satisfied with the digital versions. 

Convenience and Accessibility  

Convenience is another important factor when considering getting your company’s documents digitized. By doing this, you let your employees access the documents they need at any time possible. Including, allowing multiple people to access the same file at the same time if necessary.  

As it’s becoming more and more common to have remote jobs, some employees might miss out on having access to these necessary documents. Document scanning ensures every employee has access.

As mentioned above your employees now get 24/7 access to important documentation. While we are making the transition in our facility or on-site, we are closely tracking your files.  As a result, this allows you to request digital access to files during the transition.  



Another added benefit of document scanning is being able to have all your company’s files in one place. Allowing you to keep track of and organize them appropriately. Ensuring your employees will know exactly where to go when trying to access files, saving time and boosting efficiency.  

Getting rid of paper files will also free up more space for your business, reducing the amount of floor space dedicated to file storage. With more space available to your business, you can add in collaborative spaces for employees.  

Who Can Benefit?

 At SSG we can help any market with large or small paper documents, looking to reduce their file space and make these files easier and more secure for their employees. We have helped: 

  • Doctor’s offices 

  • County clerks 

  • Police departments 

  • Any industries wanting to be digitized 

Start Your Digital Journey Today!

Having a more digitized set of documents and images comes with many advantages. Here at SSG we have done anything from a big number of files to small amounts. If you're interested in how we can do your document scanning and how your company could personally benefit, give us a call at 866-934-5120. 

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