Vertical Farming Systems for Cannabis Growing

Cannabis Vertical Farming Systems

vertical farming systemsThe legal marijuana market is growing rapidly, making now the time to invest in equipment that increases yield and conserves space. As more sophisticated producers enter the market, the baseline level of grow efficiency required to compete is steadily increasing.

The good news is there are easily adoptable technologies that will improve your operation—chief among them, vertical farming equipment. Vertical grow racks are a major technological advantage that can double the number of plants that fit in your grow space.

Benefits of Vertical Farming Solutions

Growing cannabis vertically leads to several benefits:

  • You make the most of your existing climate-controlled space and don’t have to purchase additional equipment to control ventilation and temperature.
  • You can place more plants in a purpose-built rack that allows you sufficient physical space to tend to the plants’ requirements.
  • A growth rack optimizes the environment for yield, as you can place lights and water delivery in the best possible locations.

growing cannabis verticallyA powerful optimization for your vertical farming solution is to place your grow racks on high-density floor tracks. Instead of taking up space with traditional racks, the systems compact into a much smaller footprint during storage. These high-density racks can increase your growing space by 50% compared to static storage.

This is because the systems utilize your full vertical space and eliminate the need for extra floor space between aisles, reducing your real estate costs.

To access stored plants, the user turns a handle or pushes a button on the aisle they need while the other aisles remain compacted together. This video shows how the system works.

Lastly, since cannabis vertical growing requires specialized storage, the compact racks can also be outfitted with various options, including LED lights, stainless steel, netting, and more. We would be glad to help you design and customize a system that works for you.

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