StockBox provides materials managers with a simple method to automate the process of inventory management on existing shelving in any storage or patient care area.


Automated Inventory Management for Healthcare Facilities

LogiTag’s StockBox gives material managers an easy way to automate the process of managing inventory on existing shelves in patient care areas and medical supply storage areas. This is accomplished though the StockBox System, which uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards to keep real time inventory of medical supplies. The RFID technology can be used in OR supply rooms, bulk pharmacy storage areas, nursing supply storage rooms, and any other areas where efficient inventory management is necessary for medical supplies.

Material managers can use the StockBox RFID card system to enhance their inventory management methods to reduce cost and increase product availability. The StockBox System, either the 2-bin or “Kanban” system, can even be used with existing bin boxes, so there is no need to purchase expensive automated supply cabinets.

LogiTag StockBox Features and Benefits

The StockBox medical supplies inventory management system has many features that can improve your inventory management such as:

Increased Inventory Visibility– RFID inventory cards can be monitored from any location in the hospital or offsite clinics

Specific Item Monitoring– Item level usage can be recorded

Detailed Management Reports– Supply Managers can know when to adjust inventory levels to increase efficiency and save money

Simplified Restocking– Streamlines the restocking process by allowing the central store room or warehouse to provide area specific totes

Verified Replenishment– Recorded confirmation of replenished medical supplies

Automated Logistics– Can interface with ERP systems to optionally trigger purchase orders to distributor and suppliers

Benefits for Healthcare Facilities

There are many benefits of the StockBox System for your hospital or healthcare facility such as:

Save Time– Support staff spends less time monitoring inventory levels

Quick ROI– Because of the low initial investment to implement the StockBox System, you get a fast return on investment

Enhance Logistics Processes– Enables just-in-time restocking and automates purchase orders based on actual consumption

Simple and Easy to Use– Replenishment process is user friendly and can be handled by any staff member

Optimized Logistics– Central warehouses can optimize their resources and procedures based on automated and real time replenishment requests

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