How to Organize Your Weapons Storage System for Efficiency

Is It Time To Update Your Weapon Storage?

military weapons storage systemsSoldiers, police officers, and other law enforcement personnel rely on many tools to do their jobs. Some of the most important tools are also the most obvious: weapons. Having the right weapon at the right time can mean the difference between the life and death of your officers and soldiers. 

A good weapon storage system can make it easier for your personnel to store, maintain, and access their weapons and other supplies when the need arises. Here’s why you should give weapon storage the attention it deserves and consider upgrading your current storage.

Disorganized Weapons Can Lower Response Times

Perhaps your department or military base just received a significant grant, or you’ve got to spend the rest of your budget before the end of the year. Many military and law enforcement agencies offered this opportunity will decide to purchase new weapons to better protect their soldiers and officers. But do you have the storage capacity for these new weapons?

How many times have new purchases ended up still wrapped in boxes in the inventory room or shoved onto the back of a shelf? If an emergency arises, officers or soldiers may have trouble finding the weapons they need to respond appropriately.

Worst of all, weapons that are not stored properly could get lost or misused, a nightmare scenario for any department or military base.

The answer? A weapon storage system.

The Benefits of Weapon Storage

weapon storage systemsStoring your weapons will allow your officers and soldiers to quickly and easily access their weapons when that emergency call comes in. This results in a faster response time and a better-equipped team. When weapons are properly stored, your team can see what they have to work with and choose the weapon that best matches the needs of the situation. Additionally, systems designed specifically for storage will help maintain weapons when they aren’t in use instead of leaving them to slowly degrade in less-than-ideal conditions.

Finally, the right weapon storage allows you to track your inventory so you can maintain an audit trail for every weapon. This will ensure that your weapons don’t get into the wrong hands and allow you to quickly track a weapon if one should ever go missing.

Different Weapon Storage Solutions

What type of weapon storage system is right for your department? That will depend on your size, the weapons you need to store, and what features are most important.

Armory Weapons Storage

If you are looking to store a high quantity of weapons, then the most flexible solution is the Spacesaver UWR® storage system. This armory weapons storage system features adjustable racks that can accommodate weapons of various lengths and types. Perforated doors and sides simplify weapons inventory assessments while keeping weapons stored and highly secure. The entire system is designed to maximize storage space within a compact footprint.

Choose from a range of “kits,” which each contain the cabinet and all the parts and accessories required to store the same type of weapon in one cabinet. These kits are available to store the most popular weapons most departments and military units use.

High-Density Storage Shelving

high density weapons armory storageIf you need to store a large number of weapons in a limited amount of space, consider high-density mobile storage. With this system, shelving units are placed on a track so they can move together, eliminating unused aisle space. Use a manual hand crank or powered push button to open up an aisle to retrieve your weapons. This type of storage system is also ideal if you would like to store additional supplies, like uniforms, helmets, shields, and more.

Weapons Storage Locker

Not every facility requires military weapons storage systems. Smaller gun storage systems may be ideal for police departments and other law enforcement facilities. Weapons storage lockers can store pistols, rifles, ammunition, shotguns, magazines, and other equipment.

Law enforcement agencies have many gun storage systems to choose from, including two-sided gun cabinets that revolve 360 degrees and vehicle weapon storage lockers accessed by the press of a button. Our DSM line of handgun lockers includes seven standard sizes to choose from and neoprene lining to ensure guns are well-maintained between uses.

RFID Tracking Software

military weapons rfid trackingA good weapon storage system should include weapon inventory system management. Supervisors must know which weapons are available, which weapons are out in the field, and who is using each weapon. This way, if a weapon is unaccounted for, it can easily and quickly be found.

RFID tracking software can be the right solution for military and law enforcement agencies to effectively track their weapons and other valuable supplies. Our RFID tracking software can be added to a new or existing weapon storage system to make your weapons storage even more secure, creating an audit trail for every weapon. We offer portable RFID readers and fixed RFID readers that can be placed at armories and storage room doors to read items that pass in and out of the room.

Optimize Your Weapons Storage System

Without the right weapon storage systems, a weapon could easily get lost, or your soldiers or officers could waste valuable time searching for their gear during an emergency. At Southwest Solutions, we believe that the right weapons storage can save lives and allow our heroes to do their jobs more efficiently.

If you are interested in investing in a new storage system, our experienced design team can help you optimize placement and access to your shelves. Our factory-trained and certified installation team will ensure that your new storage system is installed according to best-practices.

Don’t wait to give your soldiers and officers the benefit of a well-designed weapon storage system. Contact us to request a quote today.