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Mobile Shelving, Rotary Shelving, Sliding Shelving

Eclipse makes powered high-density mobile storage more affordable than ever before. With its flexible, menu-based configurability, Eclipse lets you build a powered storage system with only what you need. Which saves you money on features you may not use.

Create your own powered storage solution from a broad range of features and options for guidance and drives. Control and safety. Power and wiring. Security. Lighting. And more.

Simple configurability makes it easy to reconfigure Eclipse once it’s installed. And as your storage needs change, Eclipse can be readily reconfigured to meet them.

Its modular design allows for easy future upgrades. Which means the system you buy today can easily evolve into the system you’ll need tomorrow.

Eclipse stretches your thinking about storage. Without breaking the bank.

Eclipse runs on your imagination. Fueled by an a la carte flexibility that lets you configure just the powered storage system you want – and can afford.

Design options

Choose from a wide range of available colors, finishes, and end-panel materials. On request, we’ll customize your Eclipse end panels with a functional, aesthetic look that complements your environment.


Add optional overhead lighting for safety and convenience. Open an aisle, and lights turn on automatically over just that aisle or the entire system.


Virtually any type of storage housing can be mounted on Eclipse mobile carriages – even your existing shelving and cabinets. Case-type, four-post, and cantilever shelving are available, too, as well as drawers, bins, trays, lateral files, doors, industrial rack shelving, and storage accessories.

Carriage length and load

Available in standard lengths from 3 feet (0.9 meters) up to 81 feet (24.6 meters), each Eclipse Powered System carriage has a minimum load-carrying capacity of 1,000 pounds per linear foot or 1,500 kilograms per linear meter.

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