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compact-shelving-revit-bim-models-shelves-shelf-high-density-hi-dense-rolling-files-filing-cabinets-file-cabinet-dallas-houston-kansas-cityCondensed Vertical Shelves

Manual Mobile Storage Shelving and File Shelving Systems Have a Quick Return On Investment (ROI)

A recent client invested in 17 mobile shelving systems for their filing areas and showed a Return on Investment (ROI) of less than 16 months. Mobile file shelving with color-coded file folders save valuable floor space and increase employee productivity.  Mobile file shelving with color-coded file folders increased the client’s productivity by over 35%. Once you see how a Mobile file shelving system will make your file room more space-efficient and productive, they never go back to traditional filing cabinets.   www.southwestsolutions.com/spacesaver is a great link to see options and additional photos.

Architectural Revit Models

Condensed Bin StorageCondensed Vertical Shelving

These manual mobile storage shelving systems allow you to store more in the same space or to reduce the amount of space you need to lease or build. If you are designing a Green building and want to save energy, then you can reduce the size of the building and eliminate the need to heat and cool that space. These systems save energy in commercial buildings by reducing the square footage. In addition, think of the lease or construction cost savings. They literally pay for themselves when you open the doors for business.