Spacesaver compact shelving and high density file shelves and cabinets have Revit BIM models on Autodesk Seek

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Spacesaver has been striving to make Revit® families of our products that the A&D community will actually use.  It’s been a busy year at Spacesaver developing and publishing the Revit® models of our products, sharing and listening to the community, tweaking the models, and then re-publishing them at our Design Center.

Now that Spacesaver’s Revit® models are in tip-top shape, we felt it was time to partner with none other than the leading source for Revit® models on the internet … Autodesk® Seek. Architectural Revit Models

compact-shelving-revit-bim-models-shelves-shelf-high-density-hi-dense-rolling-files-filing-cabinets-file-cabinet-dallas-houston-kansas-city motorized-manual-mobile-shelving-revit-bim-models-autodesk-seek-dallas-houston-ft-worth-austin-oklahoma-kansas-city-memphis-tulsa

If you go to the Autodesk® Seek website for the answer to the above question, they will tell you that they are “the on-line source for building product information that allows designers to search, select and specify building products … along with associated design files such as … specifications, product descriptions, and 3D models.”

They will go on to share that, “while working in their design applications such as Revit®, architects, engineers, and designers can obtain accurate, information-rich results using the Autodesk® Seek search functionality embedded within their applications.”

“…embedded within their applications…” This is worth repeating.

Yes, it is like a search engine built right into the software, that has a direct link to a HUGE library of high-quality Revit® models at your fingertips.  This is powerful!

Spacesaver Revit® models are now available on Autodesk® Seek!

Storage Solved!

Ronald Chisholm, P.E. – Storage Specialist

Spacesaver has embraced the BIM movement and has created Revit® models for your BIM processes.  (Revit®is the software tool.)  If you are active in this process, you can download and take advantage of the Spacesaver Revit®families for several of our products.


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