Maintain Operational Readiness With Spacesaver Universal™ Weapons Rack

spacesaver universal weapons rackMilitary and law enforcement can’t afford to spend time looking for and assembling weapons when the call comes in. The Spacesaver Universal Weapons Rack will ensure your team can quickly and efficiently gear up for any situation. The UWR® is one of several weapons racks offered by Southwest Solutions.

Versatile and Flexible

This Spacesaver weapons rack can store over 50 types of weapons, from handguns to rifles and more. The cabinet is extremely versatile, with parts that can be rearranged to accommodate different weapons as your storage needs change. You can also add cubbies and shelving to store weapons accessories.

Strength and Support

The Spacesaver weapons storage unit is made of heavy-gauge steel that can hold up under tough conditions. The case is easily portable, so your team can quickly move weapons to wherever they are needed.

Keep Weapons Assembled

In an emergency situation, time is of the essence. Don’t waste it assembling your weapons. The Spacesaver Universal Weapons Rack allows you to store fully assembled weapons so your team can get equipped and get out into the field as quickly as possible.

Optimize Spacespacesaver weapons storage

One of the most significant benefits of the Spacesaver weapons rack is that it can help you optimize your storage space. The cabinets stack on each other or can be incorporated into a high-density mobile storage system to save even more space. Their retractable doors won’t require a wide aisle, meaning you can store more weapons in less space. 

Order Your Spacesaver Weapons Rack Today

When you order Spacesaver weapons storage, our helpful design team will work with you to create an optimized storage system. Next, our installation team will install and adapt it to meet your specifications.

At Southwest Solutions, we’ve proudly offered military storage solutions for 50 years. We believe that the right storage can improve the readiness of our armed forces and law enforcement agencies. Contact us today to get a quote.