Why Pharmacies Need Modular Storage Solutions

Pharmacy Shelving Solutions Will Streamline Efficiency in Your Pharmacy

sliding pharmacy storage binsPaying attention to detail and providing fast service is critical in any pharmacy. Any pharmacy staffer knows that meeting the needs of patients and doctors is challenging when pharmaceuticals and medical supply products are not properly organized. Pharmacists may end up spending too much time looking for medicines instead of filling prescriptions. At Southwest Solutions, we offer a range of healthcare storage solutions, including pharmacy shelving. Here’s a quick look at some of our popular modular pharmacy shelving.

FrameWRX Medical Storage

Our FrameWRX pharmacy storage shelving system is one of the most flexible, adjustable, and adaptable medical storage products available. The modular design of FrameWRX can be installed in an infinite number of configurations and tailored to your application requirements. It can also be added to, subtracted from, or moved, with minimal disruption, while simultaneously maintaining its structural integrity.

FrameWRX’s accessories can be installed and reinstalled without tools or fasteners. Options like FrameWRX HD (for high density) and WRX Wheels™ (for easy mobility) offer unlimited storage possibilities. Accessories unique to FrameWRX also include a one-piece tray-style shelf, as well as our EZ Rail™ element, both of which can be installed level or tilted for easier access or gravity feed applications. The EZ Rail is multi-functional, providing a method for supporting industry-standard slat wall and pegboard accessories as well as bin shelving, including Quantum bins, Akro-Mils bins, Lewis bins, and Healthcare Logistics hanging bins, to name a few. FrameWRX and EZ Rails can be used in place of louvered panels and louvered walls to provide greater flexibility.

RX Bi-Storage and Tri-Storage Pharmacy Sliders

pharmacy storage shelving framewrxOne of the biggest challenges pharmacies face is how to manage a growing inventory within a limited footprint. This is exacerbated by the need to create space for pharmacists to move, work, and prepare medications.

RX Bi-Storage and Tri-Storage Pharmacy Sliders can dramatically condense the space taken up by cabinets and shelves. With this system, cabinets are placed on floor tracks, either two (Bi) or three (Tri) rows deep. By sliding cabinets laterally along the track, pharmacists can access cabinets in the deeper rows. This system allows you to stack cabinets together and get rid of unused aisle space. By converting your stationary shelving to Bi-Storage and Tri-Storage Pharmacy Sliders, you free up about 40% of your floor space. Bi-Storage and Tri-Storage Sliders open the pharmacy area up, enhancing visibility and the flow of people traffic.

The Bi-Storage and Tri-Storage cabinets’ innovative design lets you store active pharmaceuticals in the front shelving units and inactive medicines in the back. This way, you know where to locate the medicines you use most often. You can also add pharmacy storage bins to the cabinets to increase your organization and make it even easier for pharmacists to find medications for customers.

RxStor Sliding Cabinets

pharmacy medication storage shelvesAnother popular pharmacy storage slider is the RxStor compact slide-out cabinet. Like the Rx Bi-Storage and Tri-Storage system, the RxStor system saves space by eliminating unused aisle space. Instead of placing cabinets in rows, they are placed side-by-side and can be pulled out to access inner shelf space. More active medications can be placed on the front-facing shelves for faster access, while inactive or less-used pharmaceuticals can be placed on the inner shelves. 

This system allows pharmacists to:

  • More quickly access their most-used products
  • Store medications closer to each other
  • Fill more scripts in less time
  • Reclaim floor space for additional storage or other use
  • Access multiple shelves at the same time

Modular Pharmacy Casework

pharmacy storage solutionsA pharmacy also needs casework to provide space for pharmacists to receive, sort, and fill prescriptions. The right casework should also include storage space so pharmacists can store the tools and equipment they need to do their job.

At Southwest Solutions, we provide many different medical modular casework solutions to enhance a pharmacy’s efficiency. Our casework comes in various sizes and formations, so it can fit in a busy hospital pharmacy or a smaller, office-based pharmacy. Our casework is made of steel and easily cleaned stainless steel to provide a safe and hygienic workspace for medications.

Leave the Pharmacy Shelving Design to Us

Not sure how to optimize the space in your pharmacy? Leave that up to our crack team of experienced designers. We will work with you to understand your space and build a modular pharmacy storage plan that will fit your space and workflow. We can even help you decide how many cabinets or shelves would be ideal for your space and pharmacy storage needs.

We’ll Handle the Installation of Your Pharmacy Storage System, Too

Once you’ve purchased your modular pharmacy storage, we won’t leave you out in the cold. Instead, our highly experienced team of factory-trained installation technicians will deliver and install your system. Our team is knowledgeable in ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and fire code compliance. We also understand floor load implications and will ensure your system is safely installed and won’t damage your space.

Keep Your Pharmacy Humming With Modular Pharmacy Shelving

Managing a pharmacy is a big job that requires lots of moving, finding, and filling prescriptions. The right pharmacy storage solutions can make a huge difference in your operation and increase your staff’s productivity and morale. We believe that great organization is at the heart of every successful business, including pharmacies. We should know: Southwest Solutions has been in business for over 50 years. We can’t wait to help you revolutionize your pharmacy with the right pharmacy storage. Contact us today for a quote.