Hanging Folder With Hooks Suspended Pocket File Folders On Rods

Hanging file folder with hooks Hanging folder with hooks sizes

file folder with hooksfolders hang on hooks on rods

Hanging files and suspended pocket folders on rods are a specialty of Southwest Solutions. The hanging filing system provides the easiest, most efficient way to file paper, loose documents, and any other hard-to-manage documents. By moving the label from the top of the hanging folder to the side, you are able to make the maximum use of vertical space, increasing your storage capacity by utilizing the space normally wasted in traditional filing cabinets. Products offered by Southwest Solutions are Kwik Rail Assemblies, Color-Keyed Indexing, Label Print Plus Software, CKI Custom Shelf Guides, Golf Bag Storage, Unifile Hanging Folders, Executive Drawer Compartments, and Indexing Products. Call us for a price on F4, LC, F4-30, LC-30, X3, X3SL, ART15, ART17, ART22, ART24, ART30, ART35, ART38, ART41, C, CL, ART-L hanging folders with hooks.buy oblique folders in legal letter oversized and more online


Hanging folders with hooks can be used in virtually any style or make of shelving, cabinetry, or high-density filing system. Some applications in use with Oblique products are Periodical Storage, Computer Printout Storage, Annual Reports, Negatives, Personnel Records, Artwork, Legal Documents, Government Documents, X-Rays, Printing Plates, Sheet Music, Photographs, Historic Documents, Video Cassettes, Accounting Records, Golf Bags, Film Cans, Evidence Files, and Audio Tape Reels. These are just some of the items that can be stored/organized using hanging folder products.