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Finally, there’s a locker system that adapts as fast as you do. Sizes that fit your space. Configurations that meet your demands. Accessories that change with your needs. The FreeStyle™ personal storage locker is the tough, adaptable, long-term solution to your personal storage requirements.

Standard Features:

Ability to reconfigure, on-site, throughout the life of the locker

Adjustable shelf with integral garment hanger

Industry’s strongest doors with double-wall, welded box construction

Air extraction ready – engineered to promote proper air flow within the locker

Electrical ready – add duplex outlets to lockers at any time

Hang items like duty belts or clothing on the interior door panel, by utilizing integrated peg board holes

Durable powder-coat paint finish in numerous standard colors

9.5 or 13” deep hardwood butcher block bench on bench drawer units

200 lb. capacity bench and external access drawers

Welded cabinet construction with reinforced corners for added rigidity

Unlike other personal storage systems that offer a limited range of options, FreeStyle is an all-new design with an all-new philosophy: Let the locker conform to the demands of the user. Therefore, Spacesaver’s menu of accessories is robust and flexible – meaning we offer the most useful accessories, helping you reach your storage goals.

Modular electrical components provide duplex outlets for powering and charging electronic devices

Adjustable, full-width shelves: plain, heavy-duty or louvered

Interior locking security compartment

File storage components

Extra hooks

Double-hook kit, for hanging and drying body armor

Internal drawers 6” and 9” heights, with and without lock


Rubber shelf mat Weapons storage components – safely and securely store all types of firearms

Exclusive EZ-Rail™ accommodates plastic storage bins and slat wall accessories

Ventilation rack

Door mounted clipboard/document pocket

Adjustable three-hook bracket

Molded rubber boot tray

Magnetic mirror

Trim options

Color options

Continuous sloped tops

FreeStyle™ personal storage lockers are available in the following dimensions:

Widths: 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″

Depth: 24″

Heights: 72″, 84″, 90″

With the following lock options:

No lock (hasp only for padlock)

Keyed lock with master keys and “slam-lock” feature

Combination lock with master keys and “slam-lock” feature

With the following door options:

Single door* (available on 12″, 18″ and 24″ wide units)

2, 3 or 4-tier doors* (available on 12″, 18″ and 24″ wide units)

Double door* (available on 24″, 30″ and 36″ wide units)

With the following drawer options:

No drawer / full-height door (available on 72″ high units)

18″ high external access drawer (available on all 72″, 84″ and 90″ high units, in 18″, 24″ 30″ and 36″ widths)

18″ high bench drawer (available on all 72″, 84″ and 90″ high units)

* plain or diamond perforated doors



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Filing Systems and Property Evidence Handling Systems are essential to protecting public safety (view property & evidence storage image gallery). The words “missing” and “tampering” have been used all too frequently when describing the “Chain of Custody”. A well designed system of documenting, organizing and securing case information and physical evidence,from the moment evidence is seized until it’s submission at trial can make the difference in serving justice.

Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group has been designing and installing products that help law enforcement personnel maintain the chain of custody. From our information management systems to our property evidence handling systems, we have the tools to make your facility more space efficient and productive.

Public Safety Property and Evidence Storage Solutions

Below are some of the law enforcement property and evidence storage solutions to make your facility more secure, space efficient, and productive:

high density property storage shelving evidence lockers

Law Enforcement Information Management and Filing Systems

For years we have been helping law enforcement and police facilities be more productive with our space saving color-coded filing solutions that help eliminate misfiled records. We also have a technology team to offer you the latest information management systems, document imaging solutions and RFID barcode scanning solutions. All of our information management solutions help your team provide the right documents when you need them.

Public Safety Property Evidence Handling Storage Systems

Even the best evidence is useless if there is reasonable doubt that the evidence has been mishandled, or tampered with. By those in charge with keeping it secure. That’s why a clear, well-documented chain of custody must be maintained at all times providing indisputable proof that evidence has been stored securely and its integrity has been preserved, from the moment the evidence is seized until it’s presented in court.

We specialize in evidence storage solutions that bring integrity to the chain of custody. From tamper proof property evidence lockers for the deposit and temporary storage of property and evidence to space saving property and evidence shelving solutions that can reduce your storage area in half or double your storage capacity in the same floor space.

Law Enforcement Weapons and Armory Storage Systems

Southwest Solutions offers multiple Gun Storage, Rifle Storage and Weapon Racks ranging from high security weapon racks that meet police SWAT physical security weapon storage requirements to quick-deploy weapon rack transport carts, non-secured gun and rifle racks, even gun and rifle racks for museum storage. Gun Storage, Rifle Storage and Weapon Racks provide secure storage for a variety of weapon types.



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Police Equipment Lockers Link

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Police Equipment and Gear Storage Lockers

Law Enforcement Gear Lockers & Personal Duty Police Equipment Lockers

Since DSM began making Law Enforcement Lockers & Personal Duty Lockers, designs have steadily improved and evolved to suit the uniform, clothing, and personal effects storage needs for law enforcement (view police gear lockers image gallery). Through this process DSM has been able to develop an extensive range of standard Law Enforcement Personnel Gear Lockers that are now available to everyone. To maintain a high level of quality, these Law Enforcement Gear Lockers are manufactured in the same facility as our heavy duty DSM Evidence Storage Lockers and are processed in a similar manner.

High Quality Law Enforcement Gear Lockers

Users of Law Enforcement Gear Lockers appreciate the extra depth (a full 24″ as opposed to the to the standard 15″ or 18″) and the lockable security cabinet. For convenience, standard hooks have been replaced with a rod “which will accommodate full-sized coat hangers for hanging clothes and uniforms. Two sets of ventilation louvers have been incorporated into the door to achieve maximum air flow.

Law Enforcement Gear Locker Standard Features (Click here to view features)

  • Modular construction, units shipped fully assembled and ready to use
  • Over 80 configurations to choose from including flat top and integrated sloped top models
  • 4 Standard widths (12″, 18″, 24″, & 36″) with 24″ standard depth
  • Welded construction with recessed DSM Lift latch System with 3-point engagement and pad lock hasp
  • Lifetime warranty on frame with a 5 year limited warranty on moving parts

Law Enforcement Gear Lockers have a wide range of uniform and clothing storage applications for SWAT, police, sheriff, military, healthcare, universities and more.

Law Enforcement and public safety police personal gear lockers Design and planning assistance

Need design and planning assistance? Designing and planning public safety facilities is an important part of what we do.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our public safety specialists to make your facility more space efficient and productive.


Police Officer Gear Lockers For Police Departments

The last time most of us had an intimate relationship with a steel locker was probably in high school.  Back then your locker was like your second home.  If you were like me and others at my high school (Hail to the Spartans of McFarland High) you probably customized the interior of your locker with pictures from magazines and other personal items that made it a little more comforting place to hang out between classes.

By the way…am I the only one that still has nightmares about forgetting my high school locker combination?  Tell me I’m not…please.  OK…some of us might still have the occasional affair with a gym locker.  Good for you, but unless you are a total die-hard gym rat you probably don’t really feel any connection to your locker.  Right?

Our brethren in the Public Safety professions, however, depend upon their lockers almost as much as they depend upon their squad car, their side arm or their flashlight.  OK…maybe that’s a little over stated.  I guess their locker won’t save their lives but it can save their stuff.  And just maybe the right locker could make their tough jobs a little bit easier.

Spacesaver FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker, Police Locker

When they are at work they depend upon their locker to protect their personal belongings and when off the clock they depend upon their locker to securely store their gear.  A collection of gear that, through advancements in technology, is constantly growing and evolving.  Storing today’s gear in a locker designed to store yesterday’s gear isn’t going to work.  Things are just evolving too quickly.  Shelves and storage cubbies welded in place can’t be moved or modified to accommodate gear of different sizes and shapes.  Today’s locker needs to evolve at the same pace as the changes in the collection of gear.

Spacesaver FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker, Police Locker

It was with this goal in mind that we developed the Spacesaver FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker.  Unlike other personal storage systems that offer a limited range of options, FreeStyle is an all-new design with an all-new philosophy: Let the locker conform to the demands of the user.  And..make it easy!  Like this…

If you can’t see the video click here.

And if you are worried about forgetting your locker combination, we offer key lock options too.

Are you planning a public safety or military locker project?  Visit our design resources page for helpful tools including Revit families.  Let one of our local storage specialists help you out.  Call us at 1-800-255-8170 or contact us here and we’ll hook you up.