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A Short Guide to Under Carpet Raceways & Floor Mounted Wireways

under carpet raceways power data connectivityRaceways and wireways bring power, data, and communications from the wall to the interior of your building through the floor, but without the expense of core drilling, trenching or floor boxes. There are two main ways this is accomplished: under the carpet or mounted to the floor.

What are Under Carpet Raceways?

Under carpet raceways have a flush profile to offers the power and connectivity you need in virtually any situation. The raceway combines an extruded aluminum central wireway flanked by ultra-low sloping floor transition ramps and an array of accessories and options. Not only is the under carpet raceway strong and adaptable, but it complies with ADA requirements. When visual appeal, flexibility and budget is important, under carpet raceways are your best option. (Click here to see how other companies have used under carpet raceways)

What are Floor Mounted Wireways?

Floor mounted wireways install directly on top of any type of flooring to give you access to power and technology in open spaces. Extremely durable and discrete, these wireways offer a large range of power, AV, telecom connectivity options. When speed of installation, adaptability, and price are essential factors in your project, floor mounted wireways are the solution you need. (Click here to find out more about floor mounted wireways)

Where Can Raceways & Wireways Be Used?

floor mounted wireways connect dataUnder carpet raceways and floor mounted wireways can be used in a variety of places within your office building. Here are just a few examples.

Training Rooms

Whether it’s in a formal training room or conference room, your employees will need access to power and technology connections. Floor mounted wireways coupled with a modular receptacle power system give your employees what they need to focus on learning instead of connectivity. These systems seamlessly integrate into the flooring to keep your training room looking sharp and professional.

Employee Workstations

Today’s workplaces are densely packed with benching systems, cubicles, and desks. And employees need to connect their devices. Under carpet raceways provide robust cabling access and connectivity without getting in the way of people or the overall office design.

Waiting Rooms

No one likes to wait, so most people bring smartphones, laptops and tablets. So when you offer people a solution for connecting their devices, you’ve just made their lives a little easier. The raceways and wireways are designed to carry not only power for recharging technology, but also Ethernet and other telecommunications ports.

Contact Us for More Information on Raceways & Wireways

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for under carpet raceways and floor mounted raceways. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


Automated Vertical Shuttles: Better Inventory Storage Infographic

Better inventory storage is essential for any business. As part of a LEAN plan, improving your storage area creates efficiencies in every aspect of your business – from employee productivity and satisfaction to space management and overhead costs. And this doesn’t just apply to manufacturing facilities. Industries like healthcare and automotive have many of the same needs for LEAN initiatives and better inventory storage.

Adapt Your Storage to Today’s Fast Paced Culture

One of the most significant changes you can make is to invest in the right storage system. While the old racking and shelving systems may have worked in the past, they just don’t cut it anymore in today’s fast paced, instant world. People want items shipped to them overnight, doctors need medical supplies on-hand for surgeries, and cars need to be repaired yesterday.

Automated Vertical Shuttles Make Necessary Changes to Your Storage

The next step in storage is automation. And the best solution for automating your storage is vertical shuttles. The infographic below illustrates why vertical shuttles are the best solution for your inventory storage.

automated vertical shuttle inventory storage infographic

Gain Efficiencies in Every Area of Your Business

The numerous benefits of automation with vertical shuttles include:

  • Saving up to 85% of floor space compared to tradition shelving
  • Reducing picking labor up to 2/3
  • Improving picking accuracy by as much 99.9%
  • Interfacing picking with inventory management software
  • Managing inventory to eliminate stock-outs and reduce stock levels
  • Reducing bottlenecks and improve the flow of materials
  • Securing inventory from unnecessary losses
  • Reducing worker safety claims and enhancing ergonomics

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you want to learn more about vertical shuttles, we can help. Southwest Solutions Group® has been designing, installing, and servicing automated storage systems for decades. Click here to watch a video and get in contact with the storage expert in your area.


5 Strategies for Improving Space Efficiency in Your Office

existing-space-increase-efficiencyWhen discussing office space efficiency, an article in Digit Magazine sums up this topic very well. “Even though government bodies are approving more building planning works, the options are still very limited: build up or build out. But a cheaper, faster, and more resource-effective solution is to simply use the space we already have – just use it better.”

Now, there are a lot of ways to make better use of your current space that range from large scale projects to a few simple changes. But before you get started, you have to find the right solution that matches up with your company’s resources.

Listed below are five different strategies that will get you thinking about what’s possible for your office. And just know that whatever you do to improve space efficiency – no matter how big or how small – its effects will be felt throughout your entire organization.

1. Use Versatile Furniture

Instead of the old cubicle that pretty much only has one function, think about choosing furniture you can use for multiple activities. For example, use a benching system in your conference room instead of a table.

When the conference room isn’t in use for meetings, it can double as a space for temporary or freelance workers or even as a training area. The idea is to think about how people work, and buy furniture that helps them accomplish each of their tasks.

2. Implement Spring Cleaning

Most of the time when we think about spring cleaning, we think about our house. But you can do the same thing in your office. Those old file boxes you’ve kept well past their retention date? Send them off to be destroyed.

Setting aside time to clean reduces clutter and gives your employees a task they can take ownership of. And if you can offer lunch and make it a fun activity, it’s an even better bonus for them.

3. Chose Modular Components to Retrofit Your Space

A more global solution to space efficiency is to use an existing building for your office instead of constructing a new building. Not only does this promote sustainable design, but it helps the environment as a whole.

However, if you’re worried that retrofitting the space will be difficult, look into modular components like movable walls and casework.

retrofit-office space-efficiency

4. Try Flexible Work Schedules & Hoteling

Do you have sales reps that are hardly ever in the office? Writers that could do their jobs anywhere? Then it’s probably time to think about flexible work schedules and hoteling.

If some employees can work from home and others can share workspaces when they need to be in the office, you can dedicate much less space to personnel. In fact, you might be able to reduce your space requirements enough to relocate to a smaller office with less leasing fees.

5. Don’t Forget About Storage

With all the different dynamic storage systems that exist, there’s no reason to rely on lateral cabinets or static shelves in your storage area. What’s more, your storage area could be one of the best places in your office to increase space efficiency.

Because if you can reduce the amount of space required for storage, you can use that extra space for activities that actually generate revenue.

Need Help Making Your Office More Space Efficient?

If you need help making your office more space efficient, we’ve got you covered. Our strategies and solutions range from document management consulting and high density shelving to mobile workstations and movable walls.

Get in touch by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or contact us online, so we can get to work devising a plan to increase space efficiencies in your office!


Help Solving Your Records and Information Management Problems

Did you know…?document management software

  • 15% of organizational revenue is spent on creation, management, and distribution of information
  • 60% of people’s time is spent working with information and records
  • 75% of records are still kept in paper form
  • 65% of worker’s time is spent looking for information

If your company is spending this much time and money managing records and information, it’s time for a better strategy. But knowing where to start can definitely be overwhelming.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in. The specialists at Southwest Solutions Group have decades of experience helping companies solve their problems with records and information management. And no matter if you’re just getting started with your RIM program or a seasoned professional looking for some new technologies, we’ve got you covered.

Links to Resources for RIM Help

Here are just a few of our available resources to help you with your records and information management strategies:

Get Help in Person at the ARMA Austin/San Antonio Annual Seminar

If you’re an ARMA member in Texas, you can also come see our IMS Division Director, Anna Stratton, as part of ARMA Austin/San Antonio’s Joint Annual Seminar February 20.

Her 1.5 hour presentation takes place in the afternoon sessions as part of the track designed for professionals getting started with their company’s RIM programs. The topic of the presentation is Presenting RIM to the Executive Team and covers strategic tools RIM professionals will need to develop a business case for an executive audience.

Techniques for Creating a Document Management System

With the proper techniques, your document management system will not just capture, store, and archive your documents; it will also make retrieval faster with indexing tools, export documents to other parties quickly, securely protect documents from unauthorized access, provide audit tracking, and much more to improve the workflow and productivity of your business without the piles of paper.

Our 10 Step Document Scanning Process

If you are wondering what happens when you outsource your document scanning project, then this is definitely for you. A handy infographic outlines the whole process from start to finish.

Why You Need a Records Retention Schedule

As part of your records management system, you should have a records retention schedule because it’s is a major part of regulatory compliance; sets policies in place to make certain that records are kept for the length of time that is legally and functionally required and that useless or inactive records are purged; and makes sure that staff members are regularly following record management and document destruction guidelines.

The ROI of Digitizing Paper Documents

There are several factors to consider when your office is transitioning from paper to digital documents. Return on investments definitely ranks at the top of the list. This article is designed to help you thinking through the best way of digitizing paper documents for your organization. Careful considerations to hard costs and soft costs along with planning which paper documents to convert and when to convert them can make the difference between success and failure.

Why Use RFID Technology for File Tracking

RFID technology allows the capture and collection of data without the need for human intervention, reducing human error that could prove disastrous when dealing with serial numbers or part numbers.

Didn’t Find the Resources You Need?

If you weren’t able to find the resources here that you need to solve your records and information management problems, don’t worry. We can still help you with our consulting services. Just send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083!



How Wire Cages Protect Telecom Company’s Data Servers & Network Equipment

Wire Cages Installed at the Telecom CompanyKeeping information safe and secure is a top priority for any communications company with data servers and network equipment. Putting the servers in a locked room isn’t enough, you need an extra level of security. You need wire cages. The wire cages are an excellent, cost-effective solution to keeping servers secure. Here is how one telecom company used wire cages to secure their data servers and network equipment.

Why the Company Chose Wire Cages

The large telecommunications company provides network cabling and telecommunications infrastructure including fiber optics cabling, splicing, termination, restoration and emergency network response to all kinds of businesses. The most important aspect of providing these services to a large client base is keeping your customers’ data safe, secure, and separated at all times. The expensive servers, along with the customer data stored on them, must be locked down at all times.

Wire Cages Protect Data ServersTo protect their data servers, network equipment, and customer information, the company chose to use wire cages. The wire cages allow for side-by-side storage of multiple server racks while maintaining individual or multiple rack security. By keeping clients’ equipment separated, you control access while benefitting from the shared conveniences of the facility – heating & cooling, fire suppression systems, etc. And all the equipment is visible.

Wire Cages Designed to Meet the Company’s Needs

Standard 8’ high wire partitions were used to wrap around the underside of the overhead cable trays and other electrical equipment used within the facility to create the wire cage. The wire cage ensures controlled access at every point. For access to the secured area, a 6’ wide x 8’ high sliding door was installed to allow for entry of large items such as server racks and other bulky equipment. A built in key lock was implemented for added security.

Contact Us for Wire Cages to Secure Your Company’s Data Servers

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for wire cages to secure your company’s data servers and network equipment. We will even provide a free consultation to determine your facility’s exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.