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How Wire Cages Protect Telecom Company’s Data Servers & Network Equipment

Wire Cages Installed at the Telecom CompanyKeeping information safe and secure is a top priority for any communications company with data servers and network equipment. Putting the servers in a locked room isn’t enough, you need an extra level of security. You need wire cages. The wire cages are an excellent, cost-effective solution to keeping servers secure. Here is how one telecom company used wire cages to secure their data servers and network equipment.

Why the Company Chose Wire Cages

The large telecommunications company provides network cabling and telecommunications infrastructure including fiber optics cabling, splicing, termination, restoration and emergency network response to all kinds of businesses. The most important aspect of providing these services to a large client base is keeping your customers’ data safe, secure, and separated at all times. The expensive servers, along with the customer data stored on them, must be locked down at all times.

Wire Cages Protect Data ServersTo protect their data servers, network equipment, and customer information, the company chose to use wire cages. The wire cages allow for side-by-side storage of multiple server racks while maintaining individual or multiple rack security. By keeping clients’ equipment separated, you control access while benefitting from the shared conveniences of the facility – heating & cooling, fire suppression systems, etc. And all the equipment is visible.

Wire Cages Designed to Meet the Company’s Needs

Standard 8’ high wire partitions were used to wrap around the underside of the overhead cable trays and other electrical equipment used within the facility to create the wire cage. The wire cage ensures controlled access at every point. For access to the secured area, a 6’ wide x 8’ high sliding door was installed to allow for entry of large items such as server racks and other bulky equipment. A built in key lock was implemented for added security.

Contact Us for Wire Cages to Secure Your Company’s Data Servers

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for wire cages to secure your company’s data servers and network equipment. We will even provide a free consultation to determine your facility’s exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


What Office Furniture Should Your Start Up Company Choose?

traditional cubicle benching systems office furnitureWhen you’ve just started a business, there is something you have to consider: what type of office furniture will you use? Many start-up companies and small businesses (ex. marketing agencies and software development) use benching systems for co-working areas because they have a cool, open feel, and they use cubicles for employees or managers that require more privacy and individual work.

You Need Office Furniture That Will Adapt to Change

There’s something to keep in mind when you are deciding on what kind of office furniture you’re going to choose: change. A new company may start out with 5 workers and within no time expand to 20. Or you might bring in temps and freelancers to get your business started.

To keep ahead of all these changes and ensure your making the right investment, you need office furniture that will adapt. While on the surface traditional benching systems and cubicles seem like the right solution, if you look a little closer, you will find many hidden costs.

The Hidden Costs of Traditional Benching Systems and Cubicles

First of all, you have to hire professionals to install the benching systems and cubicles, especially if you’re s start-up business with no facility management team.

Even if you don’t mind spending this capital in the beginning, think about what happens the first time you want to make a change to your office’s layout. For example, a smaller company might want to use their daily workspace for hosting a client event, thinking it will be easy and save money. After all, the cubicles and benching systems are supposed to be modular.

So now you have to move all those workstations. If you’re planning on doing it yourself, don’t be shocked at the 15-50 page installation manual that came with your furniture. And at the beginning of the manual you will find a list of required tools that looks something like this:

  • Allen wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Measuring Tape
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Electric Drill and Bits
  • Chalk Line
  • Pliers

Hopefully you have all that on-hand; otherwise, you’ll be making a trip to the hardware store. Or better yet, spending extra money you may not have available to rent a space.

Swiftspace Office Workstations: Modern Office Furniture for Your Companyswiftspace furniture folded up and set up

So what can you do? You need benching systems and cubicles for your employees but these inflexible and costly furniture options just won’t work. What you need is something totally modern yet very familiar – Swiftspace office workstation solutions.

The Swiftspace office workstation solutions have the exact same appearance as traditional cubicle and benching system, but are completely different in how you can use them.

There’s absolutely no tools or parts required for installation.

That’s right, the Swiftspace office workstations come directly to you, ready to be unfolded and set-up for use in mere minutes. You don’t need any tools or need to worry about any pieces because everything is already installed within the framework of the workstation.

So easy to setup – a child can do it.

Unlike traditional cubicle setup where you need professionals to build them, the Swiftspace office workstations are so easy to setup a child can do it. Not only is it easy to setup the workstations, they go up in just minutes.

Fold down and store out of the way.

Remember that client event you wanted to host in your office space? Well now you can because the Swiftspace office workstations fold back down just as easily as they setup, taking up almost no space. Simply unfold the workstations, move them to the side, and you’re ready to host your event and then get back to work as usual the next day.

Can be moved anywhere at any time.

At first everyone was working independently, and then you received a project that required a lot of meetings and team work. That’s no problem when you have the Swiftspace office workstations. Because they’re on casters, you can roll them and re-arrange them however you want to get your work done.

Where Can You Get Swiftspace Office Workstations?

You can get your Swiftspace office workstations from us!

swiftspace office furniture workstations cta


Chemical Supplier Chooses Modular Casework for Petroleum Testing Lab

Built-in Millwork Versus Modular CaseworkA specialty chemical supplier acquired a new space in Houston, TX for their petroleum testing lab. Aside from a sink, there was nothing in the space. This gave the company an opportunity to design the lab exactly how they wanted it. But first they needed to decide what type of furniture to use – built-in millwork or modular casework?

Difference Between Built-In Millwork and Modular Casework

Built-in millwork is exactly what it sounds like: furniture that is constructed on-site and built into the space. Once the project is complete, there’s no more changing your mind or re-arranging anything without tearing the furniture down and throwing it away.

Modular casework, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It’s built off-site at a manufacturing facility and arrives ready to be installed. The casework is just like built-in millwork, except for one major difference: it can be moved, relocated, rearranged and changed any time you want.

Southwest Solutions Group Designs and Installs the Modular Casework

After learning about their options, the chemical company chose modular casework for their petroleum testing lab. To design and install the casework, the company reached out to Southwest Solutions Group. Randy Brant, Southwest Solutions Group’s Vice President located in the Houston office, worked with the rest of the team to design the modular casework for the petroleum lab (see the plan drawing below).

Plan Drawing of Modular Casework in Petroleum Testing Lab

The modular casework was specified as powder coated steel with marine edged epoxy resin tops, and includesFinished Modular Casework Installed in Chemical Suppliers Testing Laboratory

  • sink-faucet/eye-wash shower
  • fume hood
  • upper and lower cabinets at specified heights
  • work island with cabinets/drawers
  • pop up power evenly spaced for equipment
  • chemical cabinet
  • custom mobile table to fit inside the fume hood
  • flammable cabinet

Once the design was worked out, the modular casework was ordered and installed into the company’s lab.


After the project was complete, the chemical company stated, “We are very pleased with the modular casework in this new petroleum testing lab. In fact, we have a similar lab elsewhere, but we like the furniture and cabinets in this one much better.”

Visit our Laboratory Modular Casework Page and Learn More


Bicycle Storage Solutions for New York City Buildings

Since 2009, the majority of new buildings in New York City have been required to provide some kind of storage for bicycles. We offer a variety of bicycle storage solutions that are designed to efficiently store bikes in both commercial and residential buildings.

Wall-Mounted and Ceiling-Mounted Bike Storagewall-mounted bike storage units for office and residential New York City Buildings

Our wall-mounted bike storage unit is designed to lift bikes up off the floor and store them up overhead. The unit is attached to the wall, above any shelving or items (this space is typically unused because it’s almost impossible to reach without a ladder). The bikes are hooked onto the unit and raised up overhead; then, the unit tilts down to deliver the bike for retrieval. It’s that simple. The wall mounted bike storage unit is great for office buildings and residential buildings that need to provide bicycle storage on a smaller scale.

Ceiling-Mounted Bicycle Storage System for New York City Warehouses and BasementsFor larger scale bicycle storage, there is a ceiling-mounted bike storage system. The concept is the same that bikes are secured onto a rail and then lifted up overhead. This system uses the typically neglected ceiling space as storage space. (Click here to read more about this innovative bicycle storage solution). Storing bikes with either the wall-mounted unit or ceiling-mounted system keeps them up and off the floor, maximizes your existing space, and keeps bikes safe from getting dinged or scratched.

Additional Bicycle Storage Solutions

Bike Storage Racks for New York City Commercial and Residential BuildingsAnother option we have is bike storage racks. The bike storage racks are designed to store bicycles in less floor space while making sure they are easily accessible. This solution works for both commercial businesses and residential buildings. (Learn more about the bike storage racks here).

One more option we have for commercial office building is outdoor bicycle lockers. These lockers will protect bikes from the elements, vandalism and theft. They are made of stainless steel to ensure durability. (Find out more about outdoor bicycle lockers here).

Contact Us for More Bicycle Storage Solutions

If you have a building in New York City and need a solution for storing bicycles, we can help. Southwest Solutions Group has been providing businesses with innovative and unique storage systems since 1969. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with a representative today.


Computerized Day Lockers Designed for Hoteling

Hoteling is the Latest Trend Among Businesses

Easily Access Computerized Day Lockers on Multiple FloorsA big trend popping up lately is hoteling, and it is being used by all types of businesses including real estate agencies, consulting firms, law firms, manufacturers’ representatives, telecommuters, and flex-time workers. Hoteling is where employees, especially traveling employees, don’t have a permanent office space, so they reserve a space as they need it. The employee might only be on-site for one or two days to complete their work; then they move on to the next location.

But the problem these companies and employees are facing is what does everyone do with their stuff while they are on-site? An employee might have a change of clothes, tablet, laptop computer, various chargers, important papers, etc. That’s where we can help. We provide businesses with Computerized Day Lockers that are designed specifically for hoteling.

Computerized Day Lockers Designed Specifically for Your Office

Computerized Day Lockers for Hoteling are Available in a Variety of SizesThe Computerized Day Lockers are more than just a place to keep stuff; they are high quality, aesthetically pleasing product that will enhance the look of your office while providing your employees with the peace of mind to know their valuables are safe and secure. The Smart Day Lockers can be designed to meet your exact specifications. In addition, the lockers come in multiple different finishes including wood, laminate, and wood veneer that can be customized to your liking.

Numerous Types of Locks AvailableKeypad Locks Make Hoteling Simple and Easy for Businesses

The best feature of the Computerized Day Lockers is the numerous types of locks available. This is what makes our lockers truly unique. You can choose from proximity locks that open and close with an RFID card, bracelet or key; keypad locks that 4-digit code to lock and unlock the locker; or coin operated locks that use a coin as the trigger to open and close the locker. (Learn more about the different locks)

Contact Us for Computerized Day Lockers with Keyless Locks

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for Computerized Day Lockers. We will help you every step of the way; planning the type locker you want; helping you choose the right keyless lock; and installing the finished product. Give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with a representative.

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