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Kardex Automated Storage Systems Available on TXMAS Contract

Three Automated Storage Systems Available Exclusively From Us on TXMAS Contract

the lektriever is a kardex automated storage system on txmas contract Southwest Solutions Group® is the exclusive provider of Kardex Automated Storage Systems on TXMAS Contract. Kardex Automated Storage Systems can be used in a variety of applications throughout government agencies, the military, universities, k-12 schools, municipalities, police departments, healthcare facilities, libraries, and more. With three different Automated Storage Systems – Megamat RS Vertical Carousel, Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module, and Lektriever File Cabinet – we have something for everyone.

Automated Storage System #1: Megamat RS Vertical Carousel

The Megamat RS Vertical Carousel fuses reliability and security to create a dynamic Automated Storage System. Here are just some of the features and benefits of the Megamat RS Vertical Carousel:kardex automated storage systems on txmas the megamat rs vertical carousel

  • Recovers Floor Space: The Megamat RS Vertical Carousel takes advantage of unused overhead space and will recover up to 75% of the floor space.
  • Improves Ergonomics: Because this Automated Storage System delivers shelves and drawers with stored items to an ergonomically correct height, it eliminates the need for the operator to bend over, reach down, or climb up when retrieving a stored item.
  • Enhances Safety & Security: The Megamat RS Vertical Carousel is equipped with both personnel and product photocells for maximum safety. A lockable door protects stored items from unauthorized access.
  • Increases Picking Accuracy: Various pick-to-light technologies can be integrated to increase accuracy up to 99%.

Automated Storage System #2: Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module

The combination of storage density, flexibility, efficiency, and security makes the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module an ideal Automated Storage System for numerous functions throughout any government organization. Here are just some of the reasons to use the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift System:the shuttle xp vertical lift module is a kardex automated storage systems on txmas

  • Saves Floor Space: The Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module provides true floor-to-ceiling storage by using overhead space and can recover up to 85% of floor space.
  • Improves Ergonomics & Safety: With this Automated Storage System there is no longer a need for employees to bend, reach, squat, or climb to retrieve a stored item because all items are automatically delivered to an ergonomically positioned access window.
  • Increases Productivity & Accuracy: Available pick-to-light technology immediately identifies the item and quantity to be picked, which will increase productivity by up to 2/3 while providing the highest levels of accuracy, up to 99.9%.
  • Provides Flexibility: Each tray within the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module can be programmed to meet your needs: slower speeds for sensitive items; positioning fast moving trays in the “Golden Zone” for fast retrieval; and restricted access to individual trays.

Automated Storage System #3: Lektriever File Cabinet

The Lektriever File Cabinet meets all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and guidelines for forward reach over an obstruction, knee clearance, maximum high forward reach, front approach and side approach. Here are additional features and benefits of this ADA Compliant Automated Storage System:lektriever file cabinet automated-storage-system

  • High Density: The Lektriever File Cabinet uses overhead space, which will save up to 70% of the floor space compared to traditional lateral file cabinets.
  • Flexible Storage Design: There are 8 to 31 carriers available for each unit to match your storage needs.
  • Adjustable Work Counter: The ergonomic work counter easily adjusts up and down to meet the ideal standing or sitting height of the user. Also, an overhead task light for increased visibility.
  • Controlled Access: The Kardex Lektriever has locking security doors to keep confidential stored items safe from unauthorized access.
  • Range of Controls: There are multiple styles and levels of controls available from basic push button to PC integration.
  • Safety Features: The Electric Lateral File System has numerous safety features to protect stored items and users including a full safety light curtain, emergency stop buttons, and two safety touch bars.

shuttle xp kardex automated storage system on txmas contractContact Us for Kardex Automated Storage Systems on TXMAS Contract

We can provide any of these Kardex Automated Storage Systems on TXMAS Contract. For more information, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the representative in your area.


Why Automate Storage & Retrieval with Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts

Why Should Your Business Automate Storage & Retrieval?

easily optimize warehouse storage space with kardex remstar liftsYour warehouse floor space is expensive, and the value of it varies depending on the activity occurring in that space. When it’s used for stationary racks and storage rather than production lines or other revenue generating functions, you are losing out on profits. The stationary racks in your storage area mean workers are picking one order at a time, which slows down their picking speed because they are often walking several miles a day. They can also become fatigued and injured due to the constant walking, bending, climbing, and twisting they do while searching for items, which means they can’t do their jobs to the best of their abilities. This can lead to picking mistakes that can cost your company time and cause customers frustration. Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts will automate storage & retrieval to eliminate all of these problems so that your business can stop focusing on lost time and money and instead focus on growth and profits.

How Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Work to Minimize Costs and Grow Profitsto grow profits automate storage & retrieval

Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Optimize Floor Space to Make Room for Value Added Activities

  • Save up to 85% of floor space
  • Floor to ceiling space utilization
  • Eliminate wasted aisle floor space
  • Maximize every square inch within the unit
  • Inventory management software designed to dynamically manage cube space within the unitincreasing inventory control and accuracy is easy with pick-to-light technology on the kardex remstar carousels

Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Improve Picking Accuracy to Increase Customer Retention

  • 99.9% pick accuracy
  • Reduced picking mistakes
  • Fewer returned orders & restocking
  • Fewer re-picked items due to shipping mistakes
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased repeat customersincrease ergonomics and workplace safety with kardex remstar carousels & lifts

Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Reduce Labor Costs by Increasing Productivity

  • Reduce labor by 2/3 and keep pick levels the same
  • Deliver stored items to the operator & eliminate unproductive travel time
  • Optimized machine movement – all items are picked in one machine rotation or cycle
  • Pick lights indicate which item & quantity to pick, eliminating time spent searching for the right part

Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Improve Ergonomics to Increase Workplace Safety

  • 100% safe and ergonomic accessfor batch picking horizontal automate storage & retrieval carousels
  • Goods to person delivery eliminates climbing, bending, reaching, pushing, and pulling associated with shelving and cabinets
  • OSHA friendly storage and retrieval solution
  • Easily integrate hoists, lifts, carts, and transport tables into the workstation
  • Multiple safety features protect both workers and stored items

Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts Reduce Bottlenecks and Increase Throughput with Batch Picking

  • Increase picking speeds by 800%
  • Fulfill multiple orders at one time
  • Reduce bottlenecks in shipping & manufacturing
  • One pick fills multiple orders
  • Extend order cutoff times to meet customer demand
  • Easily accommodate hot picks

Contact Us Today for Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts

Southwest Solutions Group® is a full service dealer of Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts. We will provide design, installation, relocation, and maintenance services for Kardex Remstar Carousels & Lifts to automate storage & retrieval in your facility. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the representative in your area today.


KI Architectural Movable Walls | Genius and Lightline

Create Beautiful and Functional Spaces with KI Architectural Movable Walls

The main purpose of a wall is to divide space and provide privacy. With KI Architectural Movable Walls, you can quickly and easily create and reconfigure your office space any time your needs change. Both lines of are KI Architectural Movable Walls, Genius® and Lightline™, are cost-effective and sustainable and can be used for storefront and divisional space applications. For example, you can use the Architectural Movable Walls for basic offices and communal areas that just need a basic enclosure with a sound barrier, or for management offices and executive boardrooms where more elegance and structure is required.

Genius Architectural Movable Walls

KI’s Genius® Architectural Movable Walls improve the function of your space, have tons of design options to meet your preferences, and are made of green friendly materials. Some of the functionality features and options of the Genius Walls include reducing noise, delivering power and data, and integrating with furniture and structures. The walls are constructed using ecologically sound materials and processes to maintain sustainability and are extremely durable to withstand years of use and reconfigurations. With tons of options for materials, textures, colors and configurations, Genius Architectural Movable Walls offer the design flexibility to make a striking visual impression. (Click to read more about the Genius Walls)

Lightline Architectural Movable Walls

The Lightline Wall’s distinctive ability to be specified with unlimited butt-glazing allows you to design spaces with no visual breaks. KI’s Lightline Architectural Movable Walls seamlessly connect to maximize natural light and create brighter, more attractive spaces, which warms the interior environment to enhance worker morale and productivity. (Click to read more about the Lightline Walls)

Designing and Installing KI Architectural Movable Walls

Southwest Solutions Group® provides businesses and offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio with Genius and Lightline KI Architectural Movable Walls that are tailored to your unique requirements. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 so we can put you in touch with the KI Wall expert in your area.


Titan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage | Inventory Management

Shuttle XP Vertical Storage System Improves Inventory ManagementTitan Industriever Shuttle XP is an Efficient Vertical Storage System for Inventory Management

Storage and retrieval operations are an important part of material handling facilities, but they also require a large investment in inventory management, floor space, and personnel. One way to improve the productivity, space efficiency, and inventory management of your storage and retrieval operations is with a Titan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage System. The Titan Industriever Shuttle XP will lower your operating overhead costs, lower labor costs, and provide a safer work environment for employees (see Titan Industriever Shuttle XP images).

What You Can Expect with a Titan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage SystemTitan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage Rotates to bring trays to the workstation

The Titan Industriever Shuttle XP is a vertical storage tower that shuttles large parts’ storage trays from as high as 60’ to an ergonomic work counter.  Workers pick parts from the trays using a computerized inventory management software/interface.  Typically, you can have your entire parts inventory stored in one or two Titan Industriever Shuttle XP units, which can reduce your storage area by 85% compared to traditional stationary storage shelving  (watch Titan Industriever Shuttle XP video) .

Parts stored on the vertical storage trays are brought directly to the operator at a waist-high ergonomic work counter, eliminating walking, climbing, and searching for stored parts.  Typically, one person using a Titan Industriever Vertical Storage System can pick as many parts in an hour as three people can pick parts from stationary bin shelving. The Titan Industriever Shuttle also improves employee safety, parts security, and worker morale in picking operations.

Titan Industriever ergonomic tray Inventory Management SystemThe Titan Industriever Shuttle XP is equipped with integrated inventory management software designed to enhance picking productivity and reduce inventory costs by managing inventory reorder points and inventory levels (read how the Titan Industriever Shuttle XP can help you build smaller buildings).

Titan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage System Benefits

• Ergonomic storage and retrieval workstationTitan Industriever Shuttle XP Vertical Storage System Saves Space

• Saves up to 85% of floor space compared to traditional storage methods

• Software optimizing inventory control management

• Quick return on investment

• Scalable design for expanding storage capacity at a later date

• Stores a wide range of part sizes (small, medium, large)

• Provides a lockable secured storage environment for inventory

Contact Us to Find Out How a Titan Industriever Shuttle XP Can Work For You!

Contact us today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email for a free storage analysis to see how a Titan Industriever Shuttle XP vertical storage system can increase your facility’s productivity and inventory management.


Mobile Shelving System | Wire Cage | Police Department Weapon Storage

police department weapon storage area before high density shelvingOrganization and Security with a Mobile Shelving System and Wire Cage for Police Department Weapon Storage

Southwest Solutions Group’s San Antonio team recently completed a project designing and installing a mobile shelving system secured in a wire cage for a south Texas police department’s weapon storage area.plan drawing of the mobile shelving system and wire cage

The mobile shelving system allows the police department to custom organize the way they use their weapon storage area. Before, the mobile shelving system was installed everything was disorganized and stacked in boxes making weapons difficult to see and access. Now, officers can easily turn the mobile shelving crank handle to open an access aisle to retrieve the stored weapons. Guns are stored together in the majority of the mobile shelving system while knives are stored in a separate section and ammunition in another section. Designing the weapon storage area this way and using the mobile shelving system has allowed the police department to organize and maximize the use of their floor space.

wire cage for police department weapon storageThe wire cage secures the weapon storage area using heavy-duty wire panels and sliding doors to control access to the mobile shelving weapon storage area. Also, the wire cage allows for the use of existing lighting, as well as open circulation for air flow and and fire suppression systems.

Here is what the police department had to say about their new mobile shelving weapon storage system,

“The sales representative and installers were extremely professional and helpful. Our mobile shelving system and wire cage were delivered and installed as scheduled. I was very proud to take pictures of our installation and show it off to our administration.  We are very satisfied with the improvements to our police department weapon storage area thanks to the products you have installed.”

Police Department Mobile Shelving for Weapon Storage and More

Watch the mobile shelving system video below to see how mobile shelving will compact your weapon storage or evidence storage area to maximize floor space. For more information on Police Department mobile shelving, wire cages, weapon storage or some of our other Police Department storage and filing solutions, click on the links below.

Read about police department equipment and filing storage solutions

View pictures of weapon storage shelving, property lockers, and evidence storage racks

Designing and Installing Mobile Shelving Wire Cage System for Your Police Department

If you want to organize weapons and evidence in a secure storage system that saves space, we can help. Just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email and we will have one of our storage experts call you to discuss your requirements.

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